06 July 2018

Eight Years of The Blessed Mission Narayankripa

4th July -- The day a mission for peace called Narayankripa was born. 4th July 2018 eighth anniversary of our blessed mission Narayankripa.

The first blogging anniversary had felt like a huge success. As the years passed, looking back today the journey so far feels so short and when I try to set my eyes on the future path the view ahead is a long infinite road to travel. The road touches the horizon where only light exists. Brightest possible yet soothing. Farthest ever yet so inviting that I can touch, feel it around me. Stations, milestones, halts look as the tiniest marks in the expedition today when my eyes focus on the light. Yes, however small the milestones may feel they're special...each station has given me memories to treasure for the entire lifetime and they told me that the next station is even more beautiful. They reminded me that I can't halt at one place after my time there has passed; I must move forward towards the light calling me.

22 June 2018

Poem: Is Poetry Dead?

"Poetry is dead"
"Who says it?"
"Poetry is dead!
Who writes it passionately?
Who reads it passionately?
Who loves poetry anymore?
Poetry is dead"

16 May 2018

For Peace and Purity -- The Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem dear friends! The sacred ninth month of Islamic calendar -- Ramadan has begun. Narayankripa blogs primarily about Indian culture and traditions, but today I'm blogging on Ramadan as a spiritual seeker and also as someone who believes Advaita.

I am using the word Ramadan instead of Ramzan without any hesitation. I have read many times about the Ramadan-Ramzan word usage etymology and cultural roots, but Ramadan sticks in my mind because of my childhood memories.

30 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 30 Poem: PoetryPuja

It's the last day of daily poetry celebration. But that doesn't end the poetry celebration. We may not meet every day, but our revered poetry celebration will continue in future as well.

We began the celebration with SaraswatiPuja with a prayer to Maa Saraswati for the successful celebration. And we've succeeded today. Today's poem is a gratitude poem to Maa Saraswati for fulfilling my Sankalpa and completing the April Month PoetryPuja.

Thank you, dear friends, for joining me in this endeavor.  It became possible because you were with me. Thank you. 

29 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 29 Poem: Confidant

It's the day 29 of the poetry month today. For today's poem, the theme is 'confidant'.

The serene lake
I reach out to find myself
in my struggle with the dark days

28 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 28 Poem: Before You Quit

Poem for the day is an algorithm for success like the one we write in programming. Once we have the algorithm, writing personalized success code is easier. I hope this poem may reverberate in our heart before we quit.

Before you quit
try one more time

27 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 27 Poem: Sensitivities

Today's poem is a palindrome poem, 'Sensitivities', can be read from top to bottom and reverse as well.

26 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 26 Poem: Shadows

Shadows tell a lot. Prompt for the day is 'shadow'. Here's a micropoem on shadows.

Text Image for April Poetry Month Day 26 Poem: Shadows

shadows of memories...
detached past?
or bonds intact!


25 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 25 Poem: PremaBhakti

Today's poem is based on one of the Narad Bhakti Sutra. Narad Bhakti sutra are short keys to Bhakti told as a line of 4-5 words, comprising of one sutra. Narad Bhakti Sutra teach us Bhakti, it's meaning, forms, ways of practicing and realizing Bhakti, famous Bhaktas who attained the Bhaktiyoga, in these sutras. The beauty of the Narad Bhakti Sutra is they're simple to understand yet carry profound meaning in fewer words. I think they are best one-line poems written on Bhakti.

The sutra I chose for today's poem is the second Narad Bhakti sutra:

"Sa twasmin parampremroopa"

Meaning: The Bhakti is in the supreme love of the God.

24 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 24 Poem: Stem

The poem for the day 24 of the poetry month is based on an image I had clicked a few years back. I saw a poem residing there and clicked it. Today, I found the poem.

This poem is a self-motivation poem to walk to your goal no matter what. The poem is in the voice of the little new branch stemming from the older branch.

23 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 23 Poem: Fence

The prompt for the 23rd day of April is 'Fence'. For this prompt, I've two short poems expressing two distinct emotions. A poem on separation and another on intense love with the same imagery of a fence.

22 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 22 Poem: Frames

Three weeks of the April poetry month have already passed. It's difficult to believe just one week is remaining. During these days I would feel stressed out to write the poems. I couldn't figure out the reason behind it. I had a discussion with my brother regarding current writing struggle. He noticed the issue as frames. The insightful discussion has inspired me today's poem. It's dedicated to the frames.

Mind flooded with ideas
Heart flooded with emotions
But words?
Words not ready to appear on paper
Dear words, where are you?

21 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 21 Poem: Ask Questions

The theme for the 21st day of April is 'Questions'.

Ask questions
before believing anything blindly
ask questions
before following anybody blindly
ask questions
before obeying blindly

20 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 20 Poem: My Fern Flower

It's believed that the one who finds the fern flower gets prosperity and fortune. The theme for the day is 'fern flower'.

Searching life in the mute struggle
walking through life's chaotic jungle,

19 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 19 Poem: Plight of Summer

The poem for the 19th day of April is on climate change. For this poem, we've the Indian summer on our blog to share its plight with all of us. We were good friends once, let's see if this poem revives our bond.

Listen to my plight once
before discussing hot air

18 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 18 Poem: Akshaya Sadhana

Today is Akshaya Tritiya. The muhurta of Akshaya Tritiya is considered as propitious for buying gold symbolically as a wish for Akshaya prosperity. Kshaya means loss or decay, Akshaya means something which is beyond any kind of loss. Today's poem is a prayer to my Sadgurudeva H. H. Shri. Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj for the blessing of Akshaya Sadhana and devotion to it.

This post is the 601st post on Narayankripa. One more milestone in the long journey. Thank you for all the support and unfading love for Narayankripa.

17 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 17 Poem: Law of Karma

The brutal gang rape and murder of Asifa has shaken the country. I find myself too insignificant and small to talk about justice, law or court case. All I have, as a poet, is my pen and my faith in the law of Karma. In today's poem, I tried to express these feelings and while writing this poem my pen and fingers felt helpless thinking about the suffering of the little angel.

16 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 16 Poem: Lifeline

Today’s poem is dedicated to the epic Mahabharata. A superstition is widely spread about Mahabharata. Ironically, among many devout Hindus, this false belief is followed that the holy scripture shouldn’t be in our homes as it may initiate war-like conditions among family members. I don’t see any reason, why a true knowledge-seeker or any devout Hindu should fear Mahabharata.

Here's the dedication to Mahabharata:

Mahabharata, the epic of great ancient Bharata
The epic where Krishna meets us with Bhagwadgeeta

15 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 15 Poem: Not My Leader

April Poetry Month Day 15 Poem 'Not My Leader' on leadership or lack of leadership:

Delivered emotional speeches
one after another
when you weren't in power,
to take necessary action
you shed tears for the country's plight

People trusted you
People trusted your words full of promises
People chose you as their unanimous leader
And then it's only you and you

14 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 14 Poem: Wintry Air

The poem for the day 14th of the April poetry month:

13 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 13 Poem: Immersed

The poem for the day 13, is based on a verse from Shrimadbhagwadgeeta. The verse is

अनन्याश्चिन्तयन्तो मां ये जनाः पर्युपासते  
तेषां नित्याभियुक्तानां योगक्षेमं वहाम्यहम् 9:22  

Ananyāśhchintayanto maām ye janāh paryupāsate।। 
Teshām nityābhiyuktānām yogakshemam vahāmyaham।। 9:22।।

12 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 12 Poem: Wealth of Words

The poem for the day 12 of  April is dedicated to the wealth of words.

The wealth of words revealed by poetry
Emotions transform into gold by this alchemy

11 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 11 Poem: Astroturfers

For today's poem, I chose Dictionary.com's word of the day astroturfing. I studied the word and realized that how relevant it is in the context of the Facebook data leak to win elections, Cambridge Analytica scandal and fake news presented as originated from the grassroots.

I've tried to express my feelings as an individual social media user, how innocently we create profiles on social media, like, comment and how it's proved to be the goldmine of personal data for politicians. Please note that the poem is based on the data scandal revelations.

10 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 10 Poem: Haiku -- A Walk

The poem for the 10th day of the poetry month is a haiku on a special moment of composing a haiku.

09 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 9 Poem: Friend On Highway

For today's poem, I chose an image of a tree I had met during one of my highway rides. The poem is about what I felt when I looked in the image.

08 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 8 Poem: Tanka -- Summer Delights

For poetry month's eighth day I chose a Tanka, the Japanese form of poetry and the theme is optimism.

07 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 7 Poem: Pranasadhana

The theme for today's poem is singing the transformation within me brought by Mahayoga Sadhana. 

Reminiscing the moments I lived
left far behind in the past

as the happiest person on the earth,
when I felt nothing’s impossible now
being the most fortunate person alive

06 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 6 Poem: Unfeigned

For today's poem as a contemplation, I've used the imagery of fog. The challenge I'd chosen for myself was to imagine and dwell on the situation of fog while currently in India we are having summer days and the atmosphere around is hot and absolutely clear.

Here's the quatrain poem in abab rhyming scheme for the sixth day of the poetry month:

05 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 5 Poem: Prisons of Ideologies

The prompt for today’s poem is ‘ideologies’. I believe a poet should be honest to express their political observations. Honest writing should lead to unbiased expressions. For poets, it should be important to have their opinions neutral because poets are believed to have the power to see the picture as it is. And the power to express their observations, most convincingly. Hence, for their integrity as poets, their bond with themselves, their pen and their readers, they should be unbiased.

While writing on ideologies, it’s easy to get in the trap of personal bias towards any political side.
However, this poem attempts to honor ideologies as ideologies without labeling them for right or wrong.

04 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 4 Poem: Broken Lines

The free verse poetry is criticized for the free flow of it without having many technical rules applied to them, apparently. However, composing effective free verse isn't simple either. Enjambment --  unexpected, unusual line-breaks --
makes all the difference. Writing about poetry in poetry is a pleasurable experience. The prompt for today's poem is 'enjambment'.

A pause to let you sync first
with the frequency of my line
to let the tide of poem splash its water on you

03 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 3 Poem: One Fulfilled Day

For the third day of the poetry month I've chosen the theme, 'One fulfilled day'. Today's poem expresses my soliloquy -- my inner dialogue with myself for one fulfilled day.

Text Image for April Poetry Month Day 3 Poem: One Fulfilled Day

My quest for life
what is fulfillment?

02 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 2 Poem: Moon -- The Yogini

The prompt for today is 'the graciousness of the moon' suggested by my brother Dnyanesh. The moon has always been an inspiration to poets. We've moon poems on our blog too. For this poem, I decided to write the aspect of the moon I haven't noticed before and I thought initially it would be difficult. But thanks to the moon herself, she gifted me today's couplet.

Ruler of the mind, astrology defines you
You rule our minds, I believe whenever I see you

Agitated mind, weak or strong, but never stable
Your power affects human mind, astrology tells

01 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 1 Poem: SaraswatiPuja

April daily poetry celebration has begun. Today, on day 1 of the most exciting event of the year we'll pray Maa Saraswati for bestowing me one poem every day.

Hindu pujas follow rituals known as Sankalpa of performing puja, Avahan to deities, the main puja prayers, and hymns and finally Visarjan of the invited deities.

27 March 2018

Narayakripa April Daily Poetry Celebration 2018 Precursor

April poetry month's approaching closer. We will celebrate poetry month this year with daily poems on Narayankripa.

I'll try to create a new poem every day on self-thought prompts and themes. My attempt, this year, will be to experiment poems on what I think I know and haven't tried yet, and also what I need to learn.

24 March 2018

Poem: Refusal

Refusal is my creation for the prompt 'herd' suggested by microprompt -- the Twitter account which suggests prompts to inspire us to create.

Living life on your own terms is not just one life-changing decision. The decision to refuse to be manipulated need to be taken at almost every step of life, if not taken you will become a part of a herd.

Manipulators are everywhere. Leaders know to manipulate us for their agenda. Leaders can be political, religious, businesspersons. At an individual level or mass level. Your identity is manipulated. You don't have to fight with the world to stop your manipulation, but you need a firm 'no'. And it's the toughest to take a stand.

Here's the poem 'Refusal'

Refused to be part of a herd
Only to realize
I'm in a bigger herd!

08 March 2018

O Woman, I Salute You

Dear Woman,

I salute you. I salute you for being a woman. I wish you a very happy women's day.
Let me ask you a question, before you perhaps think to celebrate women's day, what is a happy day for you?

Think for a while...

12 February 2018

Collection: 'Namah Shivaya' Hymns to Lord Shiva by Narayankripa

Narayankripa is celebrating the auspicious Mahashivaratri Parva by prayers and hymns today; offering the divine worship to Lord Shiva in the linguistic and poetic form. Happy to present 'Namah Shivaya' the collection of prayer and hymns to Lord Shiva from our blogging temple of Narayankripa and my other blogs in Indian languages.   

This Mahashivratri, may Lord Shiva accept our puja in performed different forms and bless us unwavering Bhakti for His 'Shiva' Swaroop.

Image Source: Photoblog KrishnaMohini

16 January 2018

Poem: Morning Sungift

A morning gift I received today
big, shiny, golden
sent from the sky, 
from the heaven of my Nirakar
straight to the doors of my eyes 

Image: Morning sun rays blessing goldenness to green leaves

Cluster Fig (Audumbar) in my yard. The leaves who inspired me this poem. 
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