April Poetry Month Day 22 Poem: Frames

Three weeks of the April poetry month have already passed. It's difficult to believe just one week is remaining. During these days I would feel stressed out to write the poems. I couldn't figure out the reason behind it. I had a discussion with my brother regarding current writing struggle. He noticed the issue as frames. The insightful discussion has inspired me today's poem. It's dedicated to the frames.

Mind flooded with ideas
Heart flooded with emotions
But words?
Words not ready to appear on paper
Dear words, where are you?

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Frames gathering together
from all directions
blocking my beloved words

Slowly words disappear and
frames occupy the mind

Frames…..big, big and even bigger
Frames…..small, small and even smaller
Frames…..with no angle
Frames…..with the dust of over-stressed rules

“It's a bad idea for a poem
drop it…...
It's too clichéd to write it again
drop it.......
This’s too personal,
This one’s too harsh,
and it doesn't make any sense,
it's too vague,
it's too wordy,
too many similes,
too many metaphors,
... It's too confusing,
... It's too simplistic,
rhythm, rhythm, music?
where is it?"

Frames…..thick and rigid
Repetitive killer,
Killer of words,
Poems are killed,
before they are born

Frames.....too loud
muting my voice
Frames.....too sharp
Cropping growing poems

Frames constrain
Poems liberate

Frames are cages
Poems are birds

Each thought in mind
of worries, sorrows, memories
has seeds of poems in it

Let it grow without frames
a tall and big tree with sweet fruits
apple, banana, mango or berries
or a plant of delicate flowers
rose, jasmine, lily or lotus
red, yellow, blue, or white
or ivy with just green leaves

Plant the seeds
Let them grow without frames
Every seed has a poem
Every poem has a
shape, name, voice, tone and
a rhythm of its own

Let them grow freely,
water them regularly
with calm moments,
sunrays of the meditative mind
in the soil of unfeigned emotions

Text Image for April Poetry Month Day 22 Poem: Frames depicting the growth of a poem

Let them grow freely,
let them grow happily,
and one day they’ll touch the sky
with unsuppressed,
blessings of Maa Saraswati

It’s not you
to think and compose them
It’s the Shakti
incarnating herself as poems

The Sadhana
turning the churning thoughts
into awakened poems

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