April Poetry Month Day 16 Poem: Lifeline

Today’s poem is dedicated to the epic Mahabharata. A superstition is widely spread about Mahabharata. Ironically, among many devout Hindus, this false belief is followed that the holy scripture shouldn’t be in our homes as it may initiate war-like conditions among family members. I don’t see any reason, why a true knowledge-seeker or any devout Hindu should fear Mahabharata.

Here's the dedication to Mahabharata:

Mahabharata, the epic of great ancient Bharata
The epic where Krishna meets us with Bhagwadgeeta

They say, don't read it, it's the biggest war between brothers
They say, don't keep it in your home, it'll start a war in your family

I touch the sacred book most feared by devotees
Nothing happened! I open the book, nothing happened!

I begin to read it, and the war begins between two siblings
between Dharma and Adharma residing in my mind

The thoughts of Dharma and Adharma, two siblings
everyone's mind, the home of the self, is occupied with!

Text Image April Poetry Month Day 16 Poem: Lifeline

I continue reading the epic, as the story of war unfolds
the battle in my mind grows deeper, with every read

The upright thoughts expel the unjust thoughts
from the home of my mind as my eyes read further

The Adharma thoughts, the downhearted thoughts
damaging me and carrying negativism with them

the thoughts of despair, dread, and powerlessness
the thoughts of Adharma weakening myself and hence the world

With every read, the strong Dharma brother attacks Adharma
with its power of optimism, courage, and kindness

The two siblings, the originators, of all sorts of karma
with the story of Mahabharata, my purified mind purifies my karma

With every read, Krishna guides me through Bhagwadgeeta
With every read, Krishna leads me in the path of Dharma and Yoga

They're right, Mahabharata initiates war and destruction
of Adharma in the home that is the human mind

They're right, Mahabharata attracts annihilation
of negativity – deep-rooted and externally acquired, in the mind

They're right, I welcome the war Mahabharata initiates
in the mind where Dharma and I, we both win

Mahabharata resides in my home,
in the home of my heart.
Mahabharata becomes my lifeline.


Bhagwan Vyasa, the creator of Mahabharata,  defined Dharma and Adharma as the essence of eighteen Puranas. Adharma can be stated as an act of hurting or harming anybody, directly or indirectly, physically, psychologically or verbally, causing them a suffering. Dharma is refraining from any such act.

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