29 January 2012

Lost In 'Love'

Is there any word and scripture, any spiritual path which can describe the love of Radha and Krishna…..?

Everything is incomplete, when the Love knows the Love…..by Radha and Krishna!

Image : Flower expressing the feeling of lost in love

These Words Are Flowers
These Words Are Blessings

27 January 2012

The Magic of Love

If you are sad, if you are hurt...I wish to sing a song for you!

Image : Magic of Love

I Wish To Write A New Song Again!
Which Will Relieve All Your Pains Once Again
Which Will Touch Your Soul Once Again
I Know You Are Wounded
I Know Your Are Hurt And Sad!
I Wish To Sing That New Song

23 January 2012

Neti - Neti!

What is Neti Neti?...some thoughts,

12 January 2012

Swami Vivekananda - The Light of Gyana

These thoughts are like a Diary of a Mumukshu who turned to Mukta or Devotee…..or really ‘Nothing!’ The title says, Swami Vivekananda as Light of Gyana not Sun. A stage beyond material world where exists only Light, infinite light.

Some gems of this blessed beautiful life on the Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and who has blessed my life completely. Happy Youth Day to you all, make the life happy and meaningful by following immortal thoughts of Swamiji!

11 January 2012

Krishna Loves Mohi

Mohi is my nickname given by my sweet friend Sanjeetha, so....Krishna loves Mohi....

This poem is just feelings in love, but this reflects the deepest spirituality, after all, love can't be separated from spirituality!

See! how he is making me mad.....! 

I have experienced every moment of life
every tear and every smile
The pain, the wounds
The smiles and the bliss
Experienced the love and the fame
Experienced the hatred and the threats
Sometimes attached to them
Sometimes got attracted
Sometimes worried, sometimes frightened
Sometimes lost the hope to live
Sometimes forgot ‘Everything’
Sometimes just kept walking blindly
Then ‘He’ came,
‘He’ called me with ‘Love’
When ‘He’ calls Me,
I die, my eyes get closed
I feel only ‘Love’
I feel ‘His’ soothing touch
Which makes me free from all the wounds
The touch of Love
The touch of Care
The touch Of Krishna
No touch can be so soothing
 Every breath says
Krishna Krishna

07 January 2012

Journey of Life - The Complete Love

My birthday is on 14 th January . I celebrate it according to Tithi – Hindu Lunar Calendar.  And what a beautiful coincidence this year, my birthday according to Tithi and Date is same on 14th.  For me the only celebration is to think about my goals and life, where I have reached, what I have lost and what I have gained.  Am I successful or not? So..this is the story of Life, or life of me and Krishna. A sweet poetry, my complete life....

Image : Radha Krishna in Amalner BAPS Swaminarayan Temple
'He' is the Goal - 'He' is the LIFE - 'He' is the complete Love
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