April Poetry Month Day 25 Poem: PremaBhakti

Today's poem is based on one of the Narad Bhakti Sutra. Narad Bhakti sutra are short keys to Bhakti told as a line of 4-5 words, comprising of one sutra. Narad Bhakti Sutra teach us Bhakti, it's meaning, forms, ways of practicing and realizing Bhakti, famous Bhaktas who attained the Bhaktiyoga, in these sutras. The beauty of the Narad Bhakti Sutra is they're simple to understand yet carry profound meaning in fewer words. I think they are best one-line poems written on Bhakti.

The sutra I chose for today's poem is the second Narad Bhakti sutra:

"Sa twasmin parampremroopa"

Meaning: The Bhakti is in the supreme love of the God.

The Poem: PremaBhakti

Supreme love for You is Bhakti
But what is love? Do I
even understand it?
All I feel is Your supreme love for me

Text image for the poem Premabhakti based on Narada Bhakti Sutra

I feel Your love
in the words, I write
in the words, I type
in the words, I listen
in Your names and hymns, I recite

I feel Your love
at sunrise I watch
in the saffron light my eyes touch
in the magic, You create for me every morning
in the gifts You send me
in the form of birds, flowers and dancing trees

I feel Your love
in my eyes watching Your magic
in my voice singing Your songs
in my quietude breathing Your names
in my heart beating Your love

I feel Your love
in the sun and the moon,
in the stars and the skies
in bright days and dark nights

You meet me
in nature,
in atheists and theists,
in your murti and in the sky,
in the wind and its stillness,
in water and fire,
in rains and eclipses

You meet me as
technology and science,
trance and cognizance
They're, for me, Your manifestation

How much you love me,
never leaving, forgetting me for a moment
Your love for me is supreme

When I decide to compose a hymn to You
before I can think a single word
You gift me the whole poem

When I decide to visit Your temple
before I reach there
Your smiling murti flickers in my mind

When I want to shed tears
for miseries in my life
Your gracious blessings
flock to my heart
and tears of gratitude
wet my eyes

When I want to give up
You bless me with
astonishing power of courage

When I decide to pray You for my desires
They melt, miraculously, in You

Is it me loving You, Krishna
or is it Your supreme love fulfilling my life?

No place I gaze is without you,
No place I hear is without your loving presence,
No place I feel is without your love

In success and failure
You motivate me to continue walking
You teach me perseverance

On smooth roads and those blocked by hurdles
You hold my hand and we walk together


It's You and only You
how to love You
when I can't find 'me'
Is it PremaBhakti?


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