April Poetry Month Day 7 Poem: Pranasadhana

The theme for today's poem is singing the transformation within me brought by Mahayoga Sadhana. 

Reminiscing the moments I lived
left far behind in the past

as the happiest person on the earth,
when I felt nothing’s impossible now
being the most fortunate person alive

I feel that feeling today
But it’s not extant today

That happy past has departed,
feels as illusory as the state of dreaming while sleeping

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And the past possesses those moments
when I was broken, lost hope, uncertain,
petrified to wake up to live one more day

The melancholic past has departed,
feels as illusory as a state of dreaming while sleeping

I remember both states of my mind
I feel them as a different person today

It was me who lived it
It’s me who remembers it

But I’m not the same person today
I am not the same person who I's in the past

Remembering happy past 
doesn’t make me miss it today

Neither my gloomy past 
relieves me that I’m not broken today

I'd made mistakes in the past
But I am not the same naive person today
what should I regret then?

I'd taken wise decisions in the past
But they aren’t relevant to my life today
what should I feel content for then?

How many times I felt
from the world

And how many times I felt  
for the world

Don't know what the future holds for me
neither that uncertainty paralyzes me

as if thousands of lives I’ve lived
and thousands of deaths I've died

Still, I’m alive from the time immemorial
witnessing my births and deaths

witnessing the unbound spirit
one with my timeless Sadhana

It’s me, unchanged from the past, future, and present
It's me unchanged in the past, future or the present
It’s me, the 'Pranasadhana'


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