Poem: Morning Sungift

A morning gift I received today
big, shiny, golden
sent from the sky, 
from the heaven of my Nirakar
straight to the doors of my eyes 

Image: Morning sun rays blessing goldenness to green leaves

Cluster Fig (Audumbar) in my yard. The leaves who inspired me this poem. 

I opened my doors
‎and the gift started playing
‎a live show,
‎‎a live gift,
‎set up high in the sky

Bright hope flows
through the golden rays of the rising sun
‎enlivens the sleepy leaves
with gentle kissing,
‎and infuses life into my longing eyes
as my gift unveils itself 

‎Sappy leaves wake up with smiles
‎-- young and tender,
‎grown and thick,
‎all of them, 
all of the siblings
began ‎playing on the shoulders of branches

the beaming young leaves're upstretched in the sky
eager to embrace their life-giver
the morning sun.


the dance of happiness begins 
when the sun meets his children 

The wind adores the dainty leaves, 
playing with them,
blue sky eternally unattached yet elated

Filled with marvel my smiling eyes join them

Now they wear the morning, 
the goldenness of the sun rays 
ready to present it to the world 

Is it an everyday phenomenon?
Is it mere science?
Or is it an enchanting imagery for poets?

What's the divine delight here?
The dance and smiles of innocence,
the God in the innocence,
the life emanating from leaves
infecting everyone with their smiles?
Or is it the God's gift of love?
just for me?
Yes, it is just for me!

They nod as I pen a poem on them,
they wave their ethereal hands
as our eyes meet

The secret:
'adornment of green leaves with divine goldenness'
lightens up my heart
My morning Sungift

Do we wear the goldenness of morning sun,
of those sun rays blessing us?

Do we wear the sunshine smiles,
the morning gift from the God? 
The gift
waiting to manifest itself in our lives?

The morning Sungift's 
for everyone...
for everyone seeking the light of hope


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