30 April 2011

When The Heart Speaks........!

Something is going to be written, what is it, a poem, a song, or something else? Really the heart is saying something again! 

What is it?

When The Heart Speaks
I just become Silent
The Hand starts Writing,

21 April 2011

Poem: 'Precious'

The 'Precious' award has received by BlogJunta to this poem. I am grateful to BlogJunta and all the friends for your precious love and support.

And here are all that precious words from heart and a precious poster by me, which you loved.

every thought is Precious

every moment is Precious
love this Life

18 April 2011

What Can We Learn From Lord Hanumana?

Today is the Birthday of the highest devotee of Lord Shrirama, Hanumana or Maruti - The Hanuman Jayanti. About Hanuman if we see the deep information in different Ramayanas, we get totally new knowledge.

From Valmiki Ramayana (The epic on life of Lord Shrirama written by Sage Valmiki)- He has the knowledge of nine types of Grammars, these are from Sanskrit Language. Nowadays The Grammar by Panini is used in Sanskrit. What a wonderful brain Hanumanji has! I am writing in present tense, because from the devotional stories about Hanuman, it is said that He is immortal, He has got this Varadana from Lord Shrirama because He wants to chant the name of Rama forever and He wants to sing and listen the Story of Rama - The Ramayana forever.

12 April 2011

Shrirama Arrived !

This is a natural poem and prayer on the very very auspicious day - The Ramanavmi. This is heartfelt, but this expresses the meaning of true Secularism In India which is supposed to be practiced in the real life. But the reality by the rulers of this country may they be from any political party is totally different. I think you all will agree with this prayer and join with me for the same, to make our country - The True Secular Country and let's make the world peaceful and a small family.

Laxmanji , Shriramji and Janakiji - From Temple in Dhule

Rama has Arrived
The Joy has Arrived,

11 April 2011

All about MEME and My friends!

Today when I woke up, just opened the eyes and as usual Facebook too, I saw a sweet surprise, that was by my sister Melissa Tandoc, she tagged me in the MEME article, now I am the honored person who is going to give the answers of the MEME questions. I was just thinking about the answers and I got the second sweet surprise of the day, Harshal Patel my sweet friend tagged me in the MEME.

Life is really beautiful, The God always has sweet surprises for us, for everyday.

10 April 2011

Love Expressed Madly

Love expressed madly
When you wanna say
'I Love You'
Can’t utter a word
Love is expressed madly
When you shed Tears
Alone for the ‘Love’

07 April 2011

Why Only Hunger Strike??

Again Anna Hajare has started the hunger strike, this time for the law against corruption The Comprehensive Lokpal Bill -  which will be according to the wish of the common people.

The opinions expressed here, you may feel strange or as now Anna is getting support so people are coming to support him, even I wonder Amir Khan who was spending his days watching CWC matches, has suddenly got the concern about corruption. One political party who ridiculed Anna in past is showing the support too.

The purpose of this site is not discuss every news happening, but to find long term solutions of problems, conflicts and issues which faced by India. So please read this article in that context.

So, to solve all the problems like corruption, terrorism we need agitation, need revolution. No doubt, someone should start it. We need a leader, who will bring the country to a stable stage of growth, development with security and without corruption.

06 April 2011

We Want INDIA - The Real World Champion!

India has won the ICC CWC 2011! Now India is world champion. I was about to publish this on the same day. But I thought the Cricket Fever is so high, that I don't know how many will be in the mood to listen the ground reality. I waited for two days. But what I see, IPL fever is already started and again the same question how many will be in the mood to listen the ground reality?

I don't know much about IPL, but I see Cricketers of different countries play in India. Means Yesterday's so called Ravan will be in the team of so called Ram. I don't understand how easily can people devote their feelings to whatever is forced by marketing masters. If we follow any spiritual leader, most of the intellectuals ridicule it, especially when the spiritual leader is Hindu. 

But what is the difference between this Cricket fanaticism and the so called religious superstitions? 

04 April 2011

New Year Blossoms

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

New Year is Born With
New Season Along
New Year is Born  
New Flowers are Born
With The New Song of Love
To Sing Along
New Year is Born 
New Spring is Born
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