Poem: Is Poetry Dead?

"Poetry is dead"
"Who says it?"
"Poetry is dead!
Who writes it passionately?
Who reads it passionately?
Who loves poetry anymore?
Poetry is dead"

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"Poetry is alive
Poetry is live
Flowing everywhere
Dancing and singing
Poetry is everywhere

Flowing through rivers
In the tides of oceans
And in the ripples of calm lakes
In the life-giving sunrays
And through the serene moonlight
In the chirping birds
Flying in the skies with their wings
In the soothing rhythm of the breeze
In the gigantic waterfalls
In the drizzle and heavy pouring
Through the black and gray clouds
And in the petrichor soothing your heart

In mountains and valleys
In the shadows and in the mist
In the innocent smiles
In blooming flowers and
Loving hearts
And the poetry is flowing through silent tears
Of broken hearts

Mother Nature's creating poetry
Most passionately
She loves poetry
She lives poetry
She is the one who teaches us poetry
Did you just say poetry is dead
Who reads poetry passionately?

Open your eyes
Read the poetry nature's creating around you
Close your eyes
Listen to your heartbeats...
Poetry is beating there
In rhythm!


Inspired by the question asked by the Poetry community Twitter handle @RealisticPoetry, "What is your first thought when you hear someone say, poetry is dead?"  

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