Poem: Our Togetherness

The poem inspired by the digital painting on our photoblog KrishnaMohini on the theme 'Togetherness'. Art can be expressed in different forms such as painting, now painting digitally, music, singing, or poetry and still it is 'One, the expression of the aatma' - the realization this creation brought to my heart. I hope you'll like the poem as you liked the artwork.

Text image imprinted on the artwork 'Togetherness' for the poem 'Our Togetherness'

Inside the walls of my heart,
on the arteries carrying the fresh blood
is our love
with our togetherness,
anew each moment it's flowing
Keeps my heart functioning
me Alive 
'Our Togetherness' 
as the eternity of the God


The poem is available in other languages on our blogs.

All versions: 

English: Our Togetherness
Hindi:    Ekatva Hamara
Marathi: Ekatva Aapule
Sanskrit: Asmakam Ekatvah
Artwork: Togetherness

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