30 August 2015

Poem: Cage

Breaking the comfort zone and making uncommon choices invite troubles sometimes. Lately, I have been thinking about why do anybody who decides to build their own path have to suffer a lot. I think it's a cage which many of us love to live in.

cage of  own thoughts,
cage of society,
cage of fears,
we make this life a cage

28 August 2015

Poem: Let It Go

I participated in a poetry competition on 7 cups of tea some days back. The competition was organized as a part of Letting Go day observance.  My poem 'Let It Go' won the competition.  

20 August 2015

DoDoItSu Poem: Natural

crafting poetry becomes
tiring work, killing real joy
sometimes, when I supersede
heart's natural  words

15 August 2015

Poem: Independence

Isn't merely a word,
Isn't just an idea!


09 August 2015

Poem: Remember The Self-Power

Today's poem is based on the prompt suggested by Poetic Asides blog, 'Remember The (blank)'.  

remember the patience
you showed in lifes crucial battle

04 August 2015

Poem: Heart Writes

Today's poem is dedicated to the heartfelt emotions which I love to express by poems.

Don't know where to begin,
Where to end

01 August 2015

DoDoItSu Poem: Flamboyance

Today's poem is a Dodoitsu form poem. It's a love poem with a twist Prompt is a self-thought prompt 'Flamboyance'. 
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