30 June 2012

Why Did You Leave?

Inspired by the theme at

your support was the
reason to 'live'; why did you
leave beautiful life?

Dedicated to the loved ones who has left this beautiful life! :(  and to those loved ones who left my life...:(.  My success and life is incomplete without them.

This week's theme was Support. 

29 June 2012

201st Golden Page on Gurukripa

Namaste Brothers and Sisters,

Today my fingers are writing the 201st Golden Page on Gurukripa. Gurukripa is not just a word for me, it’s not just a name for me, Gurukripa is not just a blog for me.

Gurukripa is my life and my life is Gurukripa, complete Gurukripa.

23 June 2012


Inspired by the Theme at

This week's prompt : Wisdom

clouds without the rain
is just like wisdom without 

20 June 2012

Unseen Face of Life

This is the love story of Priya and her dreams.

Priya returned to home by some shopping, not anything big, important or tiring. Still, she felt tired a lot. As usual she took her dearest coffee and naturally opened the Facebook.

“Such a happy girl. Always cheerful.” 

This was the feeling of almost everybody around her, her friends or enemies. Everybody used to feel envy with her life and the way she was enjoying every moment of life.

19 June 2012

The Paradise Destroyed by Snake……

This poem is dedicated to the common people of India - Bharat who have faced the communal violence.

We have been given 10 words which should be in the poem at least once in any order, the words are,

1. torn
2. pride
3. snake
4. arrow
5. verse
6. passion
7. cheat
8. paradise
9. evening
10. riot

16 June 2012

Most Special - Ordinary

The ordinary things become so special and divine, by the love of Nature, Almighty, Parmeshwar, Sadguru, whichever name we give to the Supreme Power of this world, It makes everything divine.

Inspired by the theme at

The ordinary 
water drops are most special
touch of first rain

ordinary life
becomes the divinity 
the Gurukripa

What is Gurukripa? I felt this when I saw the word 'Ordinary' the prompt from Haiku Heights.

10 June 2012

Nature's Smile (Hynaku)

Who doesn't love to smile?

Who can't love smile?

A very light, simple and sweet poem in the Hynaku which will make you smile....

07 June 2012

Locked Moments

Namaste friends! I am so sorry, I just vanished without any message from past few weeks. I was under stress with some other health issues, so I couldn't meet you all, couldn’t read your blogs and couldn't write anything.

I am back with a new chain of Haiku, on prompt Lock.

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