30 June 2015

Micropoems: Stars of Emotions

Some micropoems like tiny twinkling stars with emotions shared earlier on twitter on various prompts. 

It's not the give and 'take'.
What I give is only love,
How you take it as
Is your judgment.

29 June 2015

Poem: Wish I Could...

Today's poem is on a self-thought theme 'unexpressed'.

Wish I could say

27 June 2015

Poem: The Delusion of Democracy

Corruption and power have seemed to become two sides of the same coin. We, the common people, get the chance to feel like a super powerful person, once in five years. We feel proud for getting inked. However, later what we have to see is perhaps the delusion of democracy. A poem dedicated to the delusion of democracy. This poem is on a self-thought prompt 'delusion.'

25 June 2015

Poem: Write, Write

A motivational poem for all the writers and poets and for the love of writing

20 June 2015

Poem: Enamored

Today's poem is a dedication to my love for Lord Krishna as the ideal leader. This poem is based on inclusion of six words highlighted in bold. Lord Krishna is mainly portrayed as a mischievous guy who was loved by women. However, I love Lord Krishna as a leader.  When I started reading about Him in Mahabharata, I found that so many lies and misconceptions are spread about Him. Even Krishna devotees sometimes mock Him unknowingly. Lord Krishna was a great warrior and a great leader. Also, one more reason, this poem is so different is that women, generally, are not believed to have their imagination or desire of love at such a high level, which can be related to the power of leadership that can bring peace in the world. Women are thought (by many) as some beautiful accessories for men. Can we imagine a love-story that begin with a strategic discussion for world-peace? Can we imagine a love-story where love begins with a dream (and the power to make it reality) for the humanity?

19 June 2015

Poem: Solace

Today's poems are on the theme 'Solace'.

Discovered the solace
In you
My dear poems

17 June 2015

Poem: Small Choices

Some micropoems on the prompt 'Small' suggested by Micropoetry society. 

10 June 2015

Poem: Words Rained

The happiest moment is to be able to write a poem when you think it's impossible to write a single word. A poem on observing involuntary breathing...

Poem: What To Write

Some experiences harm our well-being so badly that writing anything becomes really difficult...I had really bad day, yesterday. A poem trying to express that what is difficult to express,

09 June 2015

Poem: Fight

The victims of any kind of abuse, may it be physical, emotional, financial, verbal or bullying, over the time become weaker and weaker; mainly psychologically. Finally they lose the hope completely. In such situations, one thing victims should remember that they deserve the life and that's their right. I have been writing on verbal and emotional abuse for some months. Today's poem is dedicated to the victims to motivate them to keep the hope and their fight for justice, alive. It's difficult but...hope has light.

Fight with courage,
Even if you feel you lost it

07 June 2015

Poem: The Hope

Some micropoems on the prompt, 'Keep' suggested by micropoetry.com

06 June 2015

Poem: Misunderstandings Sometimes

Today's theme is 'misunderstandings'. Some verses on this theme,

05 June 2015

Poem: Bright Black Cat

The poetic aside blog's prompt for Wednesday this week was, to write a poem with the title, combining the color of shirt you're currently wearing and the last animal you have seen. Here is my poem, Bright Black Cat..

04 June 2015

Acrostic Poem: I Love You

Today's poem is very special, as the name suggests itself. The form is, rhyming, acrostic, and the shade of love for today is a long-distance relationship. With technology revolution and easy global socialization long-distance relationships are a new trend.  The line for today's acrostic poem is, "I Love You", which means the first letter of every line of the poem, forms the line, "I love you."

03 June 2015

Poem: Intense Love

An emotional poem on the intense feelings of love... 

01 June 2015

Blank Poem

Had a wonderful road trip today. Though, I enjoyed it, I felt something very strange after the trip, a strange poem on the strange feeling...
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