April Poetry Month Day 24 Poem: Stem

The poem for the day 24 of the poetry month is based on an image I had clicked a few years back. I saw a poem residing there and clicked it. Today, I found the poem.

This poem is a self-motivation poem to walk to your goal no matter what. The poem is in the voice of the little new branch stemming from the older branch.

Image of a little stem born to a thick old branch of a tree

too young, too little, too fragile,
a child of hope, I'm today
Determined to embrace
the golden enlightenment
at faraway horizon

Too monotonous my journey will be,
too long, too onerous it will be,
through barren land of nothingness,
through lone path of emptiness

Text image for April Poetry Month Day 24 Poem: Stem

With no enchantments,
with no attachments
still, I'll thrive and fly.....
to my horizon there
where I belong


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