31 January 2015

Poem: True Friendship

What friendship shouldn't be and what it should be,

30 January 2015

Haiku: Reward

We need motivation for exercise and rewards are always encouraging. A Haiku dedicated to dance and exercise,

Poem: Blue Sky

Today's theme Blue Sky: 

A dedication to blue sky,

29 January 2015

Poem: Poems the Reason to Live

a day without poems
is death without breathing

27 January 2015

Poem: The Battle Within

Technology, social media, politics, work everything has made our lives so busy, just tried to write the battle within,

the battle within
break the cage

19 January 2015

Poem: Watery Eyes

You know how it feels when you have watery eyes,

15 January 2015

Poem: My Dear Blog

A dedication to my blog and blogging,

14 January 2015

Poems: Without You

Today's theme is 'Without You'! The emotions and pain of living without 'the love'! 

not a single moment
missing you

09 January 2015

Poem: Victim's Voice

Verbal abuse is a less discussed topic and not taken seriously. Victim's voice is an effort to give the voice to silent verbal abuse victims.

08 January 2015

Poem: His Flute

A dedication to Lord Krishna,

06 January 2015

Poem: Forever Unchanged

I know
you may change

01 January 2015

Poem: My Dear Pen

this year
full of surprises
you and me
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