31 December 2015

Poem: Unplanned Planning

The life I envisage in the year 2016

27 December 2015

Micropoem: Numbed Brain

Numbed brain
In freezing cold
Heartbeats still write vibes
Brain needs break
Heart never finds rest 
Battle of heart and brain
Poems bless every moment with peace


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26 December 2015

Micropoems: Precious Gift of Words

Writing isn't just the art of choosing the right words at appropriate places, but also it's in recognizing the point at which and the places or people where we should not use our expressive heartfelt words at all. Some micropoems on the precious gifts of words...

Words are a precious gift
Gifting them to cold hearts
Crushing own heart
In return!


15 December 2015

Poem Residing in Your Heart

Today I was struggling  with writing a new poem and for some moments I felt, I can't write anything now. I had an empty feeling without writing. Then, my poem enlightened me to overcome the false empty feeling. Here is the secret my poem told me today...

07 December 2015

Poem: Mind Waves

A poem and artwork on the mind waves.

Image: Artwork Mind Waves

I was trying to paint the thoughts when I created this artwork. It's a finger painted, digitally created yet by finger touch. 

03 December 2015

Poem: Enliven Eyes With Hope

Yesterday I was looking at the hibiscus flower on my desk. I was surprised to see the beauty of the flower before ending the life. We love buds, we love flowers. They are beautiful while blooming. But, yesterday I realized their beauty even when they were fading in the evening. I couldn't resist to capture, the message of a fading flower for the world. 

30 November 2015

Micropoem: Shape Poems

For November writing challenge, I focused on micropoems. Today is the end of the month. It was a great fun to create something spontaneously. Tried as many prompts I could this month, most of them were suggested by microprompt. Thank you microprompt, I enjoyed the challenge. Although, it's the end of the month and the challenge, for our poetry love, it's the time to begin a new challenge.  

28 November 2015

Poem: Correcting the Unknown

Fear of losing you again
Fragile mind 

24 November 2015

The Healing Power of Bhakti and Spirituality - Realizations from Annakut Festival Celebrations

The unforgettable divine moments of Annakut festival this year in BAPS Swaminarayan Temple.  

19 November 2015

Poem: Waves of Thoughts

Some micropoems on Anxiety tweeted earlier.  

waves of thoughts,
when you're not around
feel absolutely lost.


these anxiety waves
without you 


those soothing waves of love
with you 
waves of sadness
without you


the vicious circle of anxiety
waves of anxious thoughts
and stress of anxiety
give power to each other
circle continues 


stop for a while
list clouds of worries
list anxious automatic thoughts
experience them vanishing
keeping realistic  

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18 November 2015

Poem: Why do I blog?

Today's poem is about blogging. The prompt is suggested by Blogchatter  .  I had a plan of a article about  blogging, but what heart wrote is a poem. :) Hope you'll love it. 

14 November 2015

Can't Super Powers Stop Terrorism? Really?

The one question that bothers me about terrorist attacks

Prayers for humanity
After every terrorist attack

11 November 2015

Light of Diwali

Happy Diwali dear friends. May this Diwali bring the light of love, joy and prosperity everywhere. May the light of love spread in our hearts this Diwali. Let's celebrate light and love. 

07 November 2015

Micropoem: Mute Poem

writing a perfect poem on throne
decorated by blood of innocents
ink can't work
neither pen
pain of a mute poem

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06 November 2015

Micropoem: Mess

tiring chores
i am stuck
where to begin
drowning in the mess
how am gonna rescue myself
dear God, please help me

November Poem-A-Day challenge is going on. I could complete 3 challenges this year, April PAD, Ganapati Prayers and Navaratri Prayers by all your support and love.  I am not burdening myself about the PAD challenge this month. However, I'll be trying to write a poem per day. 

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05 November 2015

Poem: Agony

Today's poem is about the agony of living in a rigid place.

29 October 2015

PhotoDarshan: Devotional Balaji Rathotsav

We enjoyed the Navratri festival this year drenched in spirituality and devotional prayers. The next day of VijayaDashmi, Ashwin Shukla Ekadashi is Balaji Rathotsav or Chariot Festival day in my city and some other villages here.  Today's post is the beautiful tale about how I met Lord Balaji in the Rathotsav.

26 October 2015

Micropoems: Heart Song

Today is Kojagiri Paurnima - the full moon night we celebrate. Cool breeze was making  me poetic, couldn't resist to tweet micropoems. Resharing here again. Theme is separation, love and love in separation.  These micropoems are chain poems.  One or more words in the last line of earlier poem is used in the first line of the next poem.

waiting for the day
you'll meet again
your silence's
killing me 


24 October 2015

Micropoems: Crazy, You Made Me

Re sharing some micropoems tweeted  this Saturday and earlier this week. Hope you'll enjoy them. 

Theme: Crazy

Can't guarantee
My sanity
When i think about you,
Talk about you,
Talk to you,
What next?
Crazy, crazy, crazy
You made me


21 October 2015

Stotram: You Are With Me

For the past eight days we have been praying Maa Bhagawati in various forms like Mahayoga Sadhana, Kundalini Shakti, Sadguru, Kulaswamini, Women. We even had Darshana from some village temples. Today is Ashtami, 9th day. Yesterday, I felt very relaxed and absolutely free from all the doubts keep bothering our mind due to ignorance.My ignorance - Agyana and thoughts  confined in the material boundaries disappeared by praying and thinking about her presence. I realized her power and why She is Shakti. Today's poem is in the form of my conversation with Devi Maa. The first poem is a hymn to Maa and the second one is in the form of assurance by Maa to her children.

The prayers I could express for all the Navaratri are my heartfelt emotions written in tears.

My Prayer to Devi Maa: 

Millions of names you have
They cant describe you completely
Millions of hymns sing your glory
Theyre incomplete till today

19 October 2015

Poem: Do We Really Worship Devi Maa?

Today's poem is dedicated to the worship of Devi Maa in the form of women.

Yesterday I participated in a Twitter chat (Check with hashtag SpiritChat) on celebrating Divine Feminine. My thought about best way of celebrating the supreme power is ending the gender bias. When we worship Devi Maa, the major focus is on rituals and worship in the form of Murti. However, our devotion to Mother Goddess won't be complete till we won't work rigorously to stop the crimes against women and gender bias. Today's poem is all about womanhood.

15 October 2015

Hymn: My Life - Sadhana

Today is the third day of Navaratri festival and this year, worshipping Maa Amba in the form of Kundalini Shakti. My life is blessed by Mahayoga path of Sadhana. Sadhana is a life long journey towards self-realization. Mahayoga Sadhana is the worship of Prana - in simple words the worship of our involuntary breathing. Today's poem is a hymn to Maa Kundalini Shakti. Since the auspicious day of Deeksha, in the journey of life and Sadhana,  Maa Bhagwati has become my greatest power. Whenever I think about how Sadhana protects her devotee every moment and how she has blessed my life, tears start rolling....words start flowing. 

Image: Sadgurudev H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj

My Sadgurudev H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj 

when I lost all the hope
You inspired me,
You motivated me,
You guided me,

12 October 2015

Poem: Leadership Void

The political era we have been witnessing in recent years seems to be turning into more and more immature leadership. Is it the influence of social media that gives a feeling of power by creating followers' army to attack, abuse the opponent or trend 'whatever' to prove the power to the world? It's quite difficult to analyze the inconsistent policies of Indian political parties these days.

10 October 2015

Micropoems: You Please Win

Enjoyed composing and tweeting some micropoems today. Sharing them here again. Hope you'll also enjoy them.  :) 

lazy evening,
some blank feelings
what next?
dark, bitter coffee
brightening my smile  

~~~ o ~~~

08 October 2015

Poem: Yes, I am a Poet

Today UK-wide celebrations for National Poetry Day are going on. I just saw National Poetry Day trending in Indian twitter trends also. Poems and poets are beyond all the boundaries. Reading amazing poems and celebration tweets, I have proud feeling, "Yes, I am a Poet." I thought, why not have some love for poems and the bond between, you and me, that inspires me to write more? A poem dedicated to poets and their power.

Proud to wear the title,
"Yes, I am a poet"
I write for my soul,
Write for my love
"Yes, I am a poet" 

06 October 2015

Micropoem: Immune

Today's prompt is 'immune' and idea, my mind thought is about an ideal way of living the life,

anger and frustration.

05 October 2015

Shine with Your Unique Aura

What makes a person leader? How do our ordinary-looking habits exhibit leadership qualities? This article is for those who love to make rare choices about education, career, and life. 

03 October 2015

Micropoem: Hope's Alive Always

A micropoem on the prompt 'taken'

taken all miseries as
the gift of life
bloomed with a smile

29 September 2015

Pitru Paksha Shrāddha: Fortnight To Express Gratitude toward Deceased Ancestors

Pitru paksha has begun from yesterday. Paksha means a fortnight period and Pitru means forefathers. Pitru Paksha begins with Bhādrapada Krishna Prātipada according to the Hindu Lunar calendar. During this fortnight time, Shrāddhas of deceased ancestors and loved ones are supposed to be performed. In today's article, let's discuss the great Hindu tradition of remembering the lost loved ones.

27 September 2015

Lord Ganesha with Prosperous Golden Aura

Today is Anantachaturdashi, the day of Visarjan of Lord Ganesha who has been showering the fervor and devotion upon all of us for the last ten days. On Ganesh Chaturthi, the first day of Ganesh Festival, I prayed to Lord Ganesha of Sarsabaug (Pune), to bless me with divine words to write poems. I hadn't planned it. But, the Kripa of Lord Ganesha is so great, I have been able to write a new prayer every day for the past ten days. Thank you Ganapati Bappa, my faith in you is strengthened by your powerful and prevailing blessings. 

20 September 2015

Lord Ganesha Worship for Bhakti and Mukti

Ganesha festival is being celebrated across the globe with enthusiasm. In the series of Ganesha prayers for every day of Ganesha festival, in today's post, let's worship Lord Ganapati by Jaswand (Hibiscus) flowers and a prayer. Bhagwan Ganesha loves Jaswand flowers and of course our simple prayers. :)

19 September 2015

Hymn: Empower Our Lives

For the very auspicious celebrations of Lord Ganesha Festival, today's poem is a hymn to Bhagwan Shriganesha. 

Image: Lord Ganesha
Image: From KrishnaMohini Photo Collection

Festivity and fervor your arrival brings,
Divinity and devotion every heart sings

15 September 2015

Poem: Engineering Days

Today's poem is dedicated to Engineering days for Engineer's Day celebrations. While penning down the memories, I felt, this poem has turned my thoughts more as an Engineer than as a poet. Reliving the lasting memories of Engineering and the Institution of Engineers Days. 

Engineering Days...

Circuits, designs, programs,
evening to next morning assignments

07 September 2015

Poem: Insensitivity

Farmers’ suicides due to drought,
everyday news.
are we purely
deep-seated insensitivity now

05 September 2015

KrishnaMohini Collection of Bhagwan Shrikrishna Poems

I am so happy today to present first collection of poems from Narayankripa. Let the beginning be grand and celestial. On the very auspicious festival of Janmashtami, the birthday of our beloved Lord Krishna, dedicating this collection to Him. The first poem I wrote was a dedication to Lord Shrirama and now the first collection of Narayankripa poems "KrishnaMohini" is also dedicated to Lord Krishna.

03 September 2015

Poem: Exhausted Brain

The feeling before sleeping after a hectic day, 

leaning on comfy a pillow
exhausted brain smiled saying,
"Thank You"

30 August 2015

Poem: Cage

Breaking the comfort zone and making uncommon choices invite troubles sometimes. Lately, I have been thinking about why do anybody who decides to build their own path have to suffer a lot. I think it's a cage which many of us love to live in.

cage of  own thoughts,
cage of society,
cage of fears,
we make this life a cage

28 August 2015

Poem: Let It Go

I participated in a poetry competition on 7 cups of tea some days back. The competition was organized as a part of Letting Go day observance.  My poem 'Let It Go' won the competition.  

20 August 2015

DoDoItSu Poem: Natural

crafting poetry becomes
tiring work, killing real joy
sometimes, when I supersede
heart's natural  words

15 August 2015

Poem: Independence

Isn't merely a word,
Isn't just an idea!


09 August 2015

Poem: Remember The Self-Power

Today's poem is based on the prompt suggested by Poetic Asides blog, 'Remember The (blank)'.  

remember the patience
you showed in lifes crucial battle

04 August 2015

Poem: Heart Writes

Today's poem is dedicated to the heartfelt emotions which I love to express by poems.

Don't know where to begin,
Where to end

01 August 2015

DoDoItSu Poem: Flamboyance

Today's poem is a Dodoitsu form poem. It's a love poem with a twist Prompt is a self-thought prompt 'Flamboyance'. 

31 July 2015

Poem: Worship of Prana

Today is Vyasapaurnima - celebrated as the day for the worship of Sadgurudeva. Whenever I try to write about my Sadgurudeva His Holiness Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj, I fumble. I don't think, I can ever find the perfect words to describe His Grace - Narayankripa. Still, I try again and again...it's also Gurukripa. For my dearest Gurudeva's worship, today also tried to write some lines...

Image: H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj

a new life you gave me
blessing with Mahayoga Deeksha

26 July 2015

Poem: Horizon

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by our thoughts or situations that even thinking seems difficult. This state of mind isn't everlasting. However, how we take it decides our future. A poem on that horizon where thoughts stop...

Thoughts stop at
A point,
The horizon.

24 July 2015

Poem: In Mizzle

Today's poem is on a self-thought prompt 'mizzle.'  Yesterday, I wrote a poem on the cloudy alert and the anxious wait for the rains. Coincidentally, it rained yesterday night and today for a while. As usual, I didn't miss the chance to enjoy those cute raindrops and here is a poem on it. 

Alone in the mizzle 
Raindrops touched the thoughts, my soul 

23 July 2015

Poem: Cloudy Alert

After a great beginning in June, rains have vanished for the month of July. Today's poem is dedicated to the strange weather we have these days. Also, the prompt is 'alert' by poetic asides blog. 

19 July 2015

Micropoem: Love Shines

Today's poem is a micropoem about the shining beauty of love. 

love shines without words,

18 July 2015

Poem: The Pi and Pie of Love

A cute love poem on the prompt pi or pie by Poetic asides blog. 

Difficult to 
Complicated to 
It's constant,
It's everlasting,
It's the pi of your love.

It's sweet,
It's cute,
It's beautiful,
It's the pie of your love.

Yes, your love,
Beyond all metaphors,
It's your love.

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15 July 2015

Haiku: Castle of Dreams

Writing a Haiku after a long time...prompt is self-thought, 'castle'.

the castle of dreams
we built together; the love
seashore still protects 

More Haiku:

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14 July 2015

Poem: ...Where Words Find Solace

A poem dedicated to a different kind of state of mind where sadness is just a shadow of the light of peace; it's there still it's beautiful...

11 July 2015

Micropoems: 140 Characters

Two sweet micropoems dedicated to micropoetry,

this beautiful place
an inspiration for micropoetry
painting my world
in 140 characters


thousands of words live
an unconscious life
micropoetry gives them life
a small beginning with
140 characters


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07 July 2015

Narayankripa: Content and Design Transitions

Change is the best thing about the life as change keeps us fresh and happy. I have been experimenting with some changes in the website look, design and the content shared for the past few months. Today's post is the part of the fifth blogging anniversary of Narayankripa celebrations. Let's have a look back to the beautiful moments we shared together and with the let's look ahead for future posts. 

06 July 2015

Poem: Thank You Dear Friends

As a part of  celebrations of the fifth blogging anniversary of Narayankripa, earlier I posted a poem on memories of my Gurudeva and a prayer to Him on completion of 5 years of Narayankripa. Today’s post and the poem is dedicated to you, all the readers, and friends.

04 July 2015

Poem: Bless Me With

Today is the most beautiful day of the year for me. Today is the 5th anniversary of my blogging journey, our journey together. The weather is so awesome today, as if the whole world is celebrating the journey of peace. Just like I celebrate my birthday by prayers, I spent some time in seeking blessings of my Gurudeva in the morning, today. Narayankripa is the blog form of blessings of H. H. Shri NarayanKakamaharaj and it's my life.

Today’s poem is dedicated to our beloved Narayankripa.  The prompt selected for this poem is a self-thought prompt 'Embark'. 

Let’s celebrate…

Image: H. H. Sadguru Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj

wind's singing the songs
of celebrations

03 July 2015

Poem: The Priceless Words by Gurudeva

Today is the 88th birth anniversary of my dearest Sadgurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj. Tomorrow we will be celebrating 5th blogging anniversary of Narayankripa. The celebrations have already begun by the poem today. 

Today's poem is a dedication to the priceless words, our beloved Kakamaharaj. Also, the self-thought prompt for today's poem is 'priceless'. 

When I started thinking about this prompt, I remembered Gurudeva and His teachings. 
He rarely used to criticize. I never heard negative words or even a negative tone in His words or work. Actually, He didn't teach or preach much. However, just listening to Him and reading His thoughts on Mahayoga has transformed my life. He only used to give guidelines 'if' asked, only a few priceless words. Here is the poem, dedicated to The Priceless Words by Gurudeva' 

01 July 2015

Poem: A New Life for Dead Thoughts

Today's poem is on the prompt 'Dead poem' by poetic asides blog. My thoughts on the prompt are about 'Dead Thoughts'. Do you think thoughts can die? Or can live? 

Dead thoughts
Thoughts are born,
After a certain time 
Thoughts become dead,
Thoughts live a dead life,
A life after the death.

30 June 2015

Micropoems: Stars of Emotions

Some micropoems like tiny twinkling stars with emotions shared earlier on twitter on various prompts. 

It's not the give and 'take'.
What I give is only love,
How you take it as
Is your judgment.

29 June 2015

Poem: Wish I Could...

Today's poem is on a self-thought theme 'unexpressed'.

Wish I could say

27 June 2015

Poem: The Delusion of Democracy

Corruption and power have seemed to become two sides of the same coin. We, the common people, get the chance to feel like a super powerful person, once in five years. We feel proud for getting inked. However, later what we have to see is perhaps the delusion of democracy. A poem dedicated to the delusion of democracy. This poem is on a self-thought prompt 'delusion.'

25 June 2015

Poem: Write, Write

A motivational poem for all the writers and poets and for the love of writing

20 June 2015

Poem: Enamored

Today's poem is a dedication to my love for Lord Krishna as the ideal leader. This poem is based on inclusion of six words highlighted in bold. Lord Krishna is mainly portrayed as a mischievous guy who was loved by women. However, I love Lord Krishna as a leader.  When I started reading about Him in Mahabharata, I found that so many lies and misconceptions are spread about Him. Even Krishna devotees sometimes mock Him unknowingly. Lord Krishna was a great warrior and a great leader. Also, one more reason, this poem is so different is that women, generally, are not believed to have their imagination or desire of love at such a high level, which can be related to the power of leadership that can bring peace in the world. Women are thought (by many) as some beautiful accessories for men. Can we imagine a love-story that begin with a strategic discussion for world-peace? Can we imagine a love-story where love begins with a dream (and the power to make it reality) for the humanity?

19 June 2015

Poem: Solace

Today's poems are on the theme 'Solace'.

Discovered the solace
In you
My dear poems

17 June 2015

Poem: Small Choices

Some micropoems on the prompt 'Small' suggested by Micropoetry society. 

10 June 2015

Poem: Words Rained

The happiest moment is to be able to write a poem when you think it's impossible to write a single word. A poem on observing involuntary breathing...

Poem: What To Write

Some experiences harm our well-being so badly that writing anything becomes really difficult...I had really bad day, yesterday. A poem trying to express that what is difficult to express,

09 June 2015

Poem: Fight

The victims of any kind of abuse, may it be physical, emotional, financial, verbal or bullying, over the time become weaker and weaker; mainly psychologically. Finally they lose the hope completely. In such situations, one thing victims should remember that they deserve the life and that's their right. I have been writing on verbal and emotional abuse for some months. Today's poem is dedicated to the victims to motivate them to keep the hope and their fight for justice, alive. It's difficult but...hope has light.

Fight with courage,
Even if you feel you lost it

07 June 2015

Poem: The Hope

Some micropoems on the prompt, 'Keep' suggested by micropoetry.com

06 June 2015

Poem: Misunderstandings Sometimes

Today's theme is 'misunderstandings'. Some verses on this theme,

05 June 2015

Poem: Bright Black Cat

The poetic aside blog's prompt for Wednesday this week was, to write a poem with the title, combining the color of shirt you're currently wearing and the last animal you have seen. Here is my poem, Bright Black Cat..

04 June 2015

Acrostic Poem: I Love You

Today's poem is very special, as the name suggests itself. The form is, rhyming, acrostic, and the shade of love for today is a long-distance relationship. With technology revolution and easy global socialization long-distance relationships are a new trend.  The line for today's acrostic poem is, "I Love You", which means the first letter of every line of the poem, forms the line, "I love you."

03 June 2015

Poem: Intense Love

An emotional poem on the intense feelings of love... 

01 June 2015

Blank Poem

Had a wonderful road trip today. Though, I enjoyed it, I felt something very strange after the trip, a strange poem on the strange feeling...

31 May 2015

Poem: Holding The Pain

Some micropoems on the prompt, 'hold' by micropoetry.com

29 May 2015

Poem: Lifelong Learner

Poetic asides Wednesday prompt is about learning. What's the best aspect of learning, learning itself. Here is bouquet of micropoems on 'learning'.

28 May 2015

Poem: Golden Silence

We know that silence is golden. A poem on the golden silence.

25 May 2015

Poem: Emotions

A poem on balanced emotions,

24 May 2015

Poem: Evening Golden Rays

Today's poem is on the sunset I captured few days back. It was a great fun to watch how sun rays spread slowly before sunset and how they vanish suddenly. Today's poem grows with the images. Hope you'll like this effort.

20 May 2015

Poem: Childhood Stress

Today's poem is on Poetic Aside Wednesday prompt 'Childhood'. Just penned down first memory I remembered about my childhood.

17 May 2015

Poem: Listen

Yesterday I tweeted micropoems on the theme 'Listen' given by micropoetry.com. Re-sharing them here for blog friends.

16 May 2015

Ayyappa Swami Temple: Heaven on The Earth

Today I went to Bhagwanji's abode, Paramdham and just returned meeting Him. Surprised? We are told that we can meet the God after death and then how can believe His existence. I went to the Ayyappa Swami temple in Dhule today to  spend the peaceful devotional Saturday evening with Ayyappa Swami. The atmosphere is so devotional it's just like the Abode of the God as described in Puranas. The  temple becomes heaven during the Sandhya Samay - the twilight.  
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