30 January 2016

Poem: When Krishna Met

Some micropoems dedicated to our beloved Lord Krishna, 

From tears
The moment I realized
Your presence in my life
Dear Krishna.

23 January 2016

Poem: Hesitant

A micropoem on the moon.

Image: Moon behind clouds

Hiding behind clouds
Her smile
Dark nights
Why is she hesitant?

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20 January 2016

Poem: Embrace The Infinity

Look up in the sky
My love is infinite.
Don’t try to measure it,
Don't suspect it.
You’ll miss embracing the infinity.
The infinite love for you, 
My infinite love for you.
Embrace the infinity of the sky,
My infinite love for you.
Just for you.....

18 January 2016

Poem: The Sufferer

Today's poem tells two angles of emotional abuse how a sufferer fights for their survival and try to manage life, maintaining their emotional well-being and how the people around them might interpret their behavior wrongly. 

16 January 2016

Micropoems: Odic Flowers

bed of odic flowers
poems become fragrant
emotions unexpressed
revealing to the whole world

11 January 2016

Poem: Open Cage With No Escape

A poem on emotional and psychological abuse sketching the cage that psychological abuse creates. 

Text Image: Open Cage With No Escape

The cage
With all the doors open
With no escape

08 January 2016

Micropoems: The Light of Love

Micropoems on the theme optimism and faith in love.

Image: Light

However dark
The life may look
However sad heart may become
Breathe calmly
Hope is present in each breath
Future may bring smiles

03 January 2016

Poem: Dream

do come true
we have to dream!

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