April Poetry Month Day 5 Poem: Prisons of Ideologies

The prompt for today’s poem is ‘ideologies’. I believe a poet should be honest to express their political observations. Honest writing should lead to unbiased expressions. For poets, it should be important to have their opinions neutral because poets are believed to have the power to see the picture as it is. And the power to express their observations, most convincingly. Hence, for their integrity as poets, their bond with themselves, their pen and their readers, they should be unbiased.

While writing on ideologies, it’s easy to get in the trap of personal bias towards any political side.
However, this poem attempts to honor ideologies as ideologies without labeling them for right or wrong.

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Ideologies're sprung from the struggles
for freedom from oppression and injustice

for the growth of the new ideology
their worshipers imprison the very thought

that brought freedom
behind the walls of fundamentalist beliefs

to ensure it’ll always serve the leaders
like a slave

The ideology born for freedom
is being deprived of freedom

And then the war of ideologies begins

then, come their worshipers for self-interests
to defend the already strangled ideology

"Our ideology will save the nation
your ideology is the threat to the nation

Your ideology will always be a threat
our ideology will always be the savior

because we’re always right,
our leader is always right

because your leader is a threat
to the existence of our leader

To stay in the game of power,
to win the game of blaming your ideology

we have to blow the war of ideologies
and imprison ourselves in the frame of our so-called ideology

So-called ideology
yes, we don’t understand what it is
but we’ll wage a war against its haters

never tried to know the ideology we are caging,
never walked a single principle laid by our founding leader
for whom we’re fighting

But we are great because our founding leader was great
once upon a time 

So what, if our view is narrow?
So what, if we are unaware of the direction we are going?
So what if we’re not capable like our founder

Anyhow, we want to win this game
of destruction for our leader

We must cage ourselves for our leader
we must let our ideology die in the prison
we’ve created for it, quietly."


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