30 November 2015

Micropoem: Shape Poems

For November writing challenge, I focused on micropoems. Today is the end of the month. It was a great fun to create something spontaneously. Tried as many prompts I could this month, most of them were suggested by microprompt. Thank you microprompt, I enjoyed the challenge. Although, it's the end of the month and the challenge, for our poetry love, it's the time to begin a new challenge.  

28 November 2015

Poem: Correcting the Unknown

Fear of losing you again
Fragile mind 

24 November 2015

The Healing Power of Bhakti and Spirituality - Realizations from Annakut Festival Celebrations

The unforgettable divine moments of Annakut festival this year in BAPS Swaminarayan Temple.  

19 November 2015

Poem: Waves of Thoughts

Some micropoems on Anxiety tweeted earlier.  

waves of thoughts,
when you're not around
feel absolutely lost.


these anxiety waves
without you 


those soothing waves of love
with you 
waves of sadness
without you


the vicious circle of anxiety
waves of anxious thoughts
and stress of anxiety
give power to each other
circle continues 


stop for a while
list clouds of worries
list anxious automatic thoughts
experience them vanishing
keeping realistic  

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18 November 2015

Poem: Why do I blog?

Today's poem is about blogging. The prompt is suggested by Blogchatter  .  I had a plan of a article about  blogging, but what heart wrote is a poem. :) Hope you'll love it. 

14 November 2015

Can't Super Powers Stop Terrorism? Really?

The one question that bothers me about terrorist attacks

Prayers for humanity
After every terrorist attack

11 November 2015

Light of Diwali

Happy Diwali dear friends. May this Diwali bring the light of love, joy and prosperity everywhere. May the light of love spread in our hearts this Diwali. Let's celebrate light and love. 

07 November 2015

Micropoem: Mute Poem

writing a perfect poem on throne
decorated by blood of innocents
ink can't work
neither pen
pain of a mute poem

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06 November 2015

Micropoem: Mess

tiring chores
i am stuck
where to begin
drowning in the mess
how am gonna rescue myself
dear God, please help me

November Poem-A-Day challenge is going on. I could complete 3 challenges this year, April PAD, Ganapati Prayers and Navaratri Prayers by all your support and love.  I am not burdening myself about the PAD challenge this month. However, I'll be trying to write a poem per day. 

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05 November 2015

Poem: Agony

Today's poem is about the agony of living in a rigid place.
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