April Poetry Month Day 30 Poem: PoetryPuja

It's the last day of daily poetry celebration. But that doesn't end the poetry celebration. We may not meet every day, but our revered poetry celebration will continue in future as well.

We began the celebration with SaraswatiPuja with a prayer to Maa Saraswati for the successful celebration. And we've succeeded today. Today's poem is a gratitude poem to Maa Saraswati for fulfilling my Sankalpa and completing the April Month PoetryPuja.

Thank you, dear friends, for joining me in this endeavor.  It became possible because you were with me. Thank you. 

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Insomnious nights,
anxieties waging against me, a war heated

cacophonous environs,
thoughts refusing to come as poems knitted

extraneous noise
inner chaos deafening, loudest-ever, for mind

sulfurous summer days,
jewels of literary devices priciest-ever, for mind

and then the fern flower bloomed

Every day

thirty days of thirty flowers,
thirty poems of healing powers,

yogic, mystic, poetic, lyric, politic,
quatrain, couplet, tanka, haiku, micronic,

rhyming, rhythmic and frame-free,
immersed shadows of the content tree,

songs of hope and songs of nature,
songs for justice and songs to treasure

Thank you, Saraswati Maa,
for completing my poetry puja

Thank you, Saraswati Maa,
for accepting my poetry puja

Thank you, Saraswati Maa,
for blessing me thirty flowers of poems

Thank you, Saraswati Maa,
for guiding me the Akshaya Sadhana,
Akshaya Poetry Puja


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