21 March 2017

Short Poem: Magic

It's World Poetry Day today...
Short poem on poetry.

Magic is poetry
Magic is You
Magic is love
Magic is You
Magic is life
Life is You

20 March 2017

Poem: I Find You in Me

In the depth
of silences of my world
Layers of emotions of 'me'
Unfold to me
In the depth of the layers of my emotions
In the layers of my emotions
I find you
Wrapping my feelings
Of hurt, pain and tears
In your love
Healing them one by one
Curing them
Layer by layer
In each emotion
of me
I find you in me
And then emotions cease to appear
I feel you and love
In me

Apart from deep love this poem has a therapeutic angle of recognizing and labeling emotions.
'I am anxious' and 'I am feeling anxious' have slightly different meanings. When we say, I am anxious, we are telling ourselves that me is anxious while it's an emotion and not the thorough representation of me. I am feeling anxious means right now I have this feeling of anxiousness due to some reason. This feeling isn't permanent and it will go once I work on resolving the issue causing it. This lessens the intensity of emotion and we begin to heal.

Spiritually we can call it as Saakshi Bhaava -- looking at your emotions from a distance. My Aatma is me and not this emotion is me.

Psychology Today has explained how labeling emotions works with research results: Why Labeling Emotions Matters

19 March 2017

Poem: The Life Me To You

I'm talking with you
Even when
I'm not talking with you
I am writing to you
Even when
I am not writing to you
I am thinking about you
Even when
I am not thinking about you
I am walking towards you
Though I don't look walking.
I am not living
Even though I am living without you
I have been waiting for you
With the faith in love
That is also

18 March 2017

Poem:Your Soul In Your Eyes

Wrote this poem a few days back.

Your eyes give me smile
Your eyes give me life
Your eyes give me hopes
Your eyes make me sing
Songs for your smiling eyes 
But when
Touch your godly eyes
I see them living in your eyes
I lose my voice
I lose the life in my eyes
I tremble
I feel fear conquering me
I lose all my strength
And my smile die
Your eyes have to smile
To give smiles
All my power of love
Is breathing for your smiling eyes
Your eyes speak the language of love
With me
I read them
I listen them
I speak with them
I met you
When I read tides of heartaches in your eyes
I felt them
They reached me through your eyes
Your soul in your eyes
I feel touches my soul
I feel that that I don't understand
For soul is beyond mind
And definitions of love
Mind never breaks the confinements of the world
But soul isn't confined in them
Soul touches another soul
The bond of you and me
Is soul of you and me
Which is that sacred 'One'

15 March 2017

Poem:What Else?

Some lines trying to express Bhaktiyoga.

You are my belief
What else now I believe?
You are my faith
What else now I worship?
You are my life
What else now I live for?
You are my thoughts
What else now I think about?
You are my dream
What else now I dream about?
You are my answer
What else I question now
You've become my everything
What else I seek now?

14 March 2017

Poem: The Ways I Think

I love you
In the ways
I think
I can

My prayers're for you
My hymns're for you
My worship is for you
My songs are for you
My art is you

I love you
In the ways
I think
I can

Love brightening my eyes
Is you
Love beating my heart
Is you
Love flowing in my words
Is you
Life breathing in me
Is you
Hope enlivening my eyes
Is you

I love you
In the ways
I think

I can
I care
I pray
In the ways
I can

And I meet you
In the ways
I can
In my thoughts
That create poems
I meet you!
I love you
In the ways
I think
I can

06 March 2017

Poem: The Light In Your Eyes

The shining light in your eyes
When you were born
The light and eyes that told the world,
"I will conquer everything
By love and only love"
The light in your eyes
that mesmerizes everyone
The light that fades all other external light sources
Never let that light dim for any reason
Shine with this light more and more
This light
This love
Every day and every moment of life
Forever, my beloved!
Shine with them
Your happiness soothes me
Your light heals me
Your eyes gives smiles to me
Your preciousness in my life
gives life to me
Your precious presence
Heal my wounded mind
Shine with the love and light
Live with the love and light
Love to you
Love for you
Love to your light
Every day and night
Shine, shine, shine
My beloved!
Shine always!

05 March 2017

Poem: Reverberating Ripples

In my heart
Your words
reverberate the ripples
Of beauty, hope and love
Happiness and dreams
I'm blessed to be blessed
By You, my dear!
I'm blessed to be blessed
Being your, my dear!


I wanna tell You about
The bestest You
Living in my heart
In my eyes
Will you meet 'You'
Through my eyes?


So many secrets
To share
So many laughters
To wear
So many sorrows
To tear
Let's meet, my dear!
Let's whisper the love
Nobody can hear!

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