April Poetry Month Day 4 Poem: Broken Lines

The free verse poetry is criticized for the free flow of it without having many technical rules applied to them, apparently. However, composing effective free verse isn't simple either. Enjambment --  unexpected, unusual line-breaks --
makes all the difference. Writing about poetry in poetry is a pleasurable experience. The prompt for today's poem is 'enjambment'.

A pause to let you sync first
with the frequency of my line
to let the tide of poem splash its water on you
Loosening the knitted notions before
transiting from the first into another
for a guarded transmission of mind in the poem

pauses to truncate the lines
to bond the graft with the juxtaposed line, 
resulting in afresh poetic flower 

A heavy thought,
a rare concept,
a rebel angle


to let you sip them
within you
one by one

Long or short, the shape each line wants to birth itself,
where it wants to take a pause to think and sometimes stop

Text Image: April Poetry Month Day 4 Poem: Broken Lines

Introspecting, reflecting, questioning, answering
waves of verses,

Swiftly shifting tone 
softer to deeper
As the poem flows

Not to hit you
but to touch your innermost being

revealing the enchanting rhythm residing in common words

and the melody breathing in your lives

Enjambment: the song of broken lines


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