Narayankripa in Emporio Theme

Narayankripa is now in a new blogger theme Emporio.

We have had the 'Simple blogger theme' implemented on Narayankripa for many years. I love the beauty in the simplicity and in my experience of blogging for the past seven years I can say the liking of my readers resonate with my choice. You have loved the Simple theme so far.

Blogger released four new themes in March 2017. New themes have fresh designs. For search engine optimization I had to switch Naraynkripa to one of the new blogger themes. I was reluctant for the change. I had made customization in my earlier theme. And the change of the theme would lead to losing all the added html/javascript codes.

I had to identify the customized scripts first. Some of them might be present since the early days of the blog. I wasn't willing to spend time on changing the theme. I do not install third party themes. If you encounter any issue you can ask about it in blogger product forum if you have blogger themes installed on your blog. No other option was left than trying the latest blogger themes.

This transition inspired me the poem The Powers Hidden in Unknown.  I had to face my fear of changing the theme and losing past codes; the fear of the unknown of the new look of the blog. And after facing the fear what has unlocked is a beautiful theme with already optimized features. A little risk was involved in it and I had to spend hours before and after switching the theme to add again the additional codes like that for Twitter cards. However, it was a learning opportunity as well.

Now Narayankripa is in the royal 'Emoprio theme'. Thank you blogger for creating the optimized and more professional themes.

New features in Naraynkripa Design after Installing Emporio Theme:

1. Grid View: Earlier 5 of latest the blog posts would be listed on the home page of the website. Now the hope page blog posts are in an elegant grid view with the respective blog post image.

Image: Screenshot of Narayankripa Home Page in Emporio Theme

2. Featured Post: We have a featured post on the home page. The featured blog post is the most recent as well as a hand-picked blog post updated regularly. The featured post presents the blog post image and a snippet of the content.     

Image: Screenshot of Narayankripa Poem in the Emporio Theme

Narayankripa Poem in the Emporio Theme 

3. Featured image The featured image of the blog post provides a beautiful backdrop for the post itself with a surprise. This image in the background is blurred.

4. Sidebar: The sidebar is loaded with less widgets now. The design is responsive created to function well on different devices of different sizes. The sidebar is not present in an individual post so to allow you fully immerse in reading your favourite poem or blog post.

5. Search Bar and Email Subscription Widget: They are on the top with the blogger heading. Easy to search any post you want to see. You can subscribe to our Email newsletter more quickly. Have you subscribed it yet?

6. Share Buttons: No third party app is required now for share buttons. New blogger themes have a little share button icon. It opens sharing options to social networking sites and Email. You can share the link to your favorite poem with your friends with more ease.

I would like to know your feedback and suggestions on the Emporio theme on Narayankripa.

Please consider following questions to share your reading experience:
  1. How do you feel the theme color for your eyes? Does it irritate your eyes or is it calm?
  2. What do you feel about the fonts size and type while reading the content?  
  3. How does the website load on your device? Faster or slower than the old theme?
  4. What are your thoughts on the blurred background image? 
  5. Do you like the grid view or feel list view as better?
Feel free to share if anything else you would like to share. Not necessarily you need to answer each and every question. Your experience on Narayankripa in terms of content and design is important for me.  

Please take some moments to leave your thoughts in the comment box below this post or in the contact form.

Thank you for giving your precious time to letting me know your thoughts.

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