O Woman, I Salute You

Dear Woman,

I salute you. I salute you for being a woman. I wish you a very happy women's day.
Let me ask you a question, before you perhaps think to celebrate women's day, what is a happy day for you?

Think for a while...

I know, being a woman, like you I know. You might not identify what is that that makes you happy.

Your happiness, if you identify, must be related to others' expectations from you. The expectations which make 'them' happy and you're then described as happy.

Or may be....the moments when your loved ones feel happy...that must be your happy moment.

No! I am not trying to imprison your existence by encouraging you for more sacrifices. Can you recall when was the last time you truly lived, selfishly, for yourself? I said selfishly.... will that make you selfish? (Misogynistic comments are ringing in my head.) You weren't allowed to live for yourself.

Whether or not your sacrifices are glorified you are forced to kill your own self. And that you should make your happiness. Isn't it true?

I won't write too emotional. I don't want to contribute to converting women's day into one more marketing campaign.

I don't want to market your incredible fight and sacrifices for selling my product.

I just want to wish you a simple happy woman's day. Simple! Yes, a day free from stalking, unwanted touch, groping, and abuse.

I want to wish you a day free from misogynistic remarks and jokes on your identity, your womanhood. I wish you a day free from hatred for demanding equal rights, feminism. I wish you one single day free from objectification.

I wish you a simple happy woman's day.

I have a poem to salute you, your fight. Just like your struggle my poem hasn't finished...

Living oppressed,
facing sexism,
every day
Despite being abused,
despite the hatred you receive
for your birth
despite being forced to cage yourself in stereotypes
you survived, you won
O woman, I salute you!

When you break a little stereotype
society mentally crucifies you, 
wherever you go
still, you fought
you fought for your rights,
you fought for equality
you broke the norms and
you won
O woman, I salute you

You won
You fight and you win
every day
Still, you've new battles waiting
to fight
Battles don't stop
your fight doesn't stop
you don't complain
You fight..........
O woman, I salute you

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