30 March 2012

Milan - Union

Milan is a Hindi word which means Union. The Moksha - Salvation is the state when we realize the Jiva and Shiva, Aatma and Parmatma, soul and heart is The One. 

The Sun and ocean look too different, one looks in the sky and the other deep inside the earth. 

This Haiku tells their Union - Milan

Golden rays of sun
touching blue ocean; milan
of the soul and heart

29 March 2012

Race of Life

in race of life when
my competition is with
me endurance wins

The real test of endurance and success comes when we compete with our own selves.

This haiku is the part of Haiku Heights. 

28 March 2012

The Haiku

Today’s haiku is on the haiku itself. From the time I have started writing Haiku, I realized the importance of the words or I must say, every word. I have limited words to express my feelings and message. Once, I fumbled a bit too while choosing the exact words. But when the Haiku formed especially the toughest with 3-5-3 syllable form and with all the rules expected for Haiku, New Life Sun, I realized, 

27 March 2012

Haiku: Endurance

This Haiku is written as part of Haiku Heights, on Endurance.

I am not broken
but the hardships; endurance
gave success for life

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26 March 2012

When the Mind Whispers With the Heart

At one stage of life every one of us, stop for a while, look back into the buried, lost, forgotten, unforgotten memories. Sometimes we just can’t come out of them, still we can’t really stop, and present makes us work hard again and future calls in new dreamland…

This is what life is!

Good, bad, sweet, bitter whatever comes to us, we have to move on with it, can’t stop anywhere.

23 March 2012

First Day of The Universe

Today is the New Year according to Hindu calendar. We call it as Gudi Padva in Maharashtra. The New Year according to Hindu calendar is supposed to be the first day of the Universe; it is the day when Lord Brahma created this universe. I don't know much about it and I don’t go in unnecessary logics, because I feel, the spring season, creates the world once again, flowers bloom, the birds sing happily every year.  So, this New Year according to Hindu calendar, Chaitra Skukla Pratipada –

22 March 2012

Spring Bloom

The beautiful spring has started and everything is so beautiful in the world. 

A haiku dedicated to the Spring,

It's the mother nature's love expressing more beautifully in the Spring.

spring enchanting bloom
is magical artistry
or love of nature

20 March 2012

New Life Sun

The Sun in the morning looks so golden and it is giving a new life to the world with the sunrise each day. Sun is the God which comes to meet us daily.

A haiku dedicated to The Sun

The pic taken at my home on today's fresh morning

Golden face
With the golden rays
New life sun

19 March 2012

Blue Expressing Advaita

After the encouragement and love from you all the friends, for the first Haiku, now I am participating the Haiku heights, the topic is Blue. Blue is always my favorite color, because blue represents the Sky. Blue represents the ocean. Sky has no limit, it's everywhere. So The Almighty is always compared with the Sky. Though the Paramatma or The Prana which is called as Life force or the Chaitanya has no limits but we can understand a bit, by the Sky. The blue represents the purity, which comes from the oneness - The Advaita. Blue represents the complete love, when we feel the oneness the heart is filled with the complete love for all, because nobody is different from 'Me'. 

18 March 2012

Just Call Krishna

It’s a sad song….when I was deeply hurt
Heart said this, or Krishna sung this
Song for me…song for a wounded heart
Nobody understood the depth
When I was disgusted of me
Why did I trust?
Why do I get cheated?
I hated myself,
I was angry with me – my innocence

Stars - Thoughts

Today, I am posting my first Haiku. I tried a lot earlier, but was worried, I can write or not! My friend Leo, who is a great poet and whose Haiku are really great and who blogs at I rhyme Without Reason, motivated me a lot, guided about Haiku in actually haiku on twitter (our virtual classroom, pleasant pleasant it is). My friend Saravana, another great poet, blogs at Few Miles also guided and motivated me a lot and my sister and my inspiration, ideal blogger Arti, of course My Yatra Diary author Arti also motivated me and finally, here it is, ohh How can I forget my little guide my sister Simran - whose blog is My Friendship !

You may think, such a slow student I am.....but yes I can't say, why I was so worried about Haiku. But anyway, I can now!  

Thinking about Haiku, I was looking at the sky as usual, I love the darkness and brightness both, usually when I get depressed, I get motivated by my own thoughts, in the worst situations of life I try to find, something good, some hope. These little positive thoughts may not completely remove the depression, but they surely help to start some work in the worst situation. So, I feel them, like stars, though stars do not end the night, do not end the darkness, even they are surrounded by the shadows of darkness, within the darkness, the black. But these little bright stars are enough to show, some path, they are enough to show the existence of life, they are enough to show some hope, some hope of tomorrow.....This haiku compares thoughts and stars.

Twinkling In Darkness
Shadows of Sadness in Mind
Little Stars – Bright Thoughts

10 March 2012

Poem: Your Friend Forever

I am blessed to have Lord Krishna as a friend and truly caring and uncoditionally loving friends like the friend expressed in this poem,

A poem dedicated to every friend…just trying to be an ideal friend of you!

07 March 2012

Colorful Holi with All the Colors of Life - Happy Holi

May Lord Krishna Shower all the beautiful colors, every moment of life….Happy Holi to all my dearest brothers, sisters, and friends..:)

Image showing Colorful Holi

Colors of Life
Colors of Joy
Colors of Smile
Colors of Love
Walking Every Mile

The Pink of the Love
The Golden of the Success
The White of Peace
The Yellow of Smiles

05 March 2012

The Prana - The Oneness

Some experiences can’t be bound in the limits of the world and the limits of words, languages, phrases. All the languages, words, phrases are inefficient and insufficient to express Advaita completely. Still it’s the glory of oneness, the glory of Adviata, yes it’s expressed beautifully by the wish of the Sadguru or the Almighty……and here is an expression which is beyond all the worldly things and all the expressions.

I wanna speak so many things
So many questions, so many thoughts
But why am I so silent?
A peach within me has become the ocean
But peace is peace, which made me silent
I wanna know about Sanyas
But I am already speechless, beyond the thoughts, 
Beyond the mind!......
What will I express!
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