21 November 2013

Online Pilgrimage - Arti's Yatra Diary

Today my dearest Sister and friend Arti has completed four years of sharing spiritual yatras- journeys on My Yatra Diary. I wished to write a long article telling about how I feel about this very special blog which brings Darshan of all the forms of Bhagwanji from the holy places - Teerthakshetras, from Himalayas, from Tirupati and even from spiritual places which are in foreign countries like Japan. 

And what it turned is a Haiku dedicated to 'My Yatra Diary'....

03 November 2013

Shubh Deepawali

Namaste Brothers and Sisters! 

Wishing you all a very Happy, Prosporuous, Shubha and Safe Deepawali...

Enjoy the beautiful moments of festival of Lights which gives a bright year and a happy bright life. 

Wishing you all, Happy New Year Vishvavasu Naam Vikram Savantsar 2070 tomorrow.  

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