22 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 22 Poem: Frames

Three weeks of the April poetry month have already passed. It's difficult to believe just one week is remaining. During these days I would feel stressed out to write the poems. I couldn't figure out the reason behind it. I had a discussion with my brother regarding current writing struggle. He noticed the issue as frames. The insightful discussion has inspired me today's poem. It's dedicated to the frames.

Mind flooded with ideas
Heart flooded with emotions
But words?
Words not ready to appear on paper
Dear words, where are you?

21 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 21 Poem: Ask Questions

The theme for the 21st day of April is 'Questions'.

Ask questions
before believing anything blindly
ask questions
before following anybody blindly
ask questions
before obeying blindly

20 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 20 Poem: My Fern Flower

It's believed that the one who finds the fern flower gets prosperity and fortune. The theme for the day is 'fern flower'.

Searching life in the mute struggle
walking through life's chaotic jungle,

19 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 19 Poem: Plight of Summer

The poem for the 19th day of April is on climate change. For this poem, we've the Indian summer on our blog to share its plight with all of us. We were good friends once, let's see if this poem revives our bond.

Listen to my plight once
before discussing hot air

18 April 2018

April Poetry Month Day 18 Poem: Akshaya Sadhana

Today is Akshaya Tritiya. The muhurta of Akshaya Tritiya is considered as propitious for buying gold symbolically as a wish for Akshaya prosperity. Kshaya means loss or decay, Akshaya means something which is beyond any kind of loss. Today's poem is a prayer to my Sadgurudeva H. H. Shri. Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj for the blessing of Akshaya Sadhana and devotion to it.

This post is the 601st post on Narayankripa. One more milestone in the long journey. Thank you for all the support and unfading love for Narayankripa.
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