Eight Years of The Blessed Mission Narayankripa

4th July -- The day a mission for peace called Narayankripa was born. 4th July 2018 eighth anniversary of our blessed mission Narayankripa.

The first blogging anniversary had felt like a huge success. As the years passed, looking back today the journey so far feels so short and when I try to set my eyes on the future path the view ahead is a long infinite road to travel. The road touches the horizon where only light exists. Brightest possible yet soothing. Farthest ever yet so inviting that I can touch, feel it around me. Stations, milestones, halts look as the tiniest marks in the expedition today when my eyes focus on the light. Yes, however small the milestones may feel they're special...each station has given me memories to treasure for the entire lifetime and they told me that the next station is even more beautiful. They reminded me that I can't halt at one place after my time there has passed; I must move forward towards the light calling me.

Image: The Narayankripa Road to Enlightenment

The spiritual journey comes with incredible treasures and the glory of Mahayoga Sadhana exhibits in the fact that Shakti doesn't let these treasures become traps. The traps may obstruct our journey. The traps may hinder our growth. Treasures contribute to our progress. We may get a bit distracted from our mission but Shakti takes us with Her to our destiny.

The Blessed Beginning of the Mission Narayankripa:

When I met Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puranas the first fact drew my attention was that Hinduism is often criticized for the non-existent information in our scriptures. The superstitions we live with, in the name of Hinduism are the product of our own fears.

The presence of Ramayana in my life began transforming my perception of the small and big experiences the life would offer me. Ramayana and Mahayoga Sadhana liberated me from weakening everyday beliefs. The gentle transformation instilled Bhakti in my routine life. I can't dare to claim, I recite prayers, Bhakti or devote life to Sadhana. It's the Sadhana taking care of every aspect of my growth process, may it be psychological, spiritual or blogging.

The beginning of my blog aimed to bust the myths of Hinduism to spread awareness of the practicality of Hinduism in today's life.

The vague dream of a great purpose I would always picture in my mind has shaped into blogging, by Gurukripa. Gurukripa as it began and Narayankripa as it is today constructed the purpose of my life.

As the blog bloomed, my poetry bloomed further from initial spiritual articles.

After eight years of blogging Sadhana, writing, composing poems, blogging, life, spirituality, my professional work are getting integrated into One Sadhana at a steady pace.

The Blessing of Blogging -- The Gurukripa:

The biggest blessing our blog has proved to be for me is as I write I feel the presence of my Gurudev H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj in this world. It took me almost three years to accept the departure of my Gurudev. Writing shows me that He is the light I see everywhere. My Gurudev is the light blessing Gyana and Bhakti.

Writing gives me those rarest blessed moments when Gurudev would converse with us. When I wrote my first poem, a hymn to Lord Shrirama, I showed it first to my Gurudev. Gurudev was my first reader. What else can be the more fortunate experience for a Shishya -- a disciple!

I still write with the unwavering faith to show my work to Gurudev with the hope that He will feel proud of me.

Blogging Inspiration The Blessings of Seers and Mother Nature:   

Ramayana, Mahabharata, and the Puranas are epic poetry. Maharshi Valmiki, Bhagawan Vedavyas, Goswami Tulsidasji, Surdas, Meeraji, Adi Shankaracharya, P. P. Shri Vasudevananda Saraswati Maharaj are the poets I have always idolized since I began to read them. I must say their blessings are the reason my spiritual path blossoms with poetry. Their words reflect the purest form of love for their Bhagwanji. Without their blessings, I would never learn to love. The love that becomes Bhakti.

And needless to express without the blessings of Mother Nature the poetic journey couldn't be blossoming. Although I couldn't meet my inspiration to hymns -- the temples, the places, highways -- many of my friends from Mother Nature this year due to restricted freedom in my life, I could exploit this odd to go inwards. New realizations brightened my path and poetry reached even deeper. Like Mahayoga, poetry has become my Akshaya Sadhana.

When our sufferings begin to express their pain we don't need to go anywhere in the search of inspiration. And this is true for the guidance we require as well. Our scarred heart turns into the most needed sacred mentor for writing.

The Transformation Within -- Blogging Narayankripa:

I had always wished to create 'something' to touch millions of hearts. I found myself too small to define this 'something'. I was naive to even know how I may create it. Without the blessings of Saraswati Maa and Lord Ganesha 'something' magnificent isn't possible to create. I prayed and the words wearing my emotions which soothe me, heal and transform me were born. Then I realized if it touches my soul, it will touch the world.

Text Image for the blog post: Eight Years of The Blessed Mission Narayankripa

At our innermost core our pains, our joys, our emotions are alike. We all are 'one' at that core known as our Ātman as per the Indian philosophy of Advaita.

Ātma and Paramatma are inseparable. The supreme God, the Almighty residing in our core is One.

The desire to change the world led me to the realization that we do not change the world. We transform from within and the change transforms our world. That's how the world changes.......for us. That is what is most important. The more I blog this realization gets even stronger.

The entire journey is not about me and mine, it's about the One Shakti that is you and me.

The Blessing of Your Support and Unconditional Love: 

I need to learn the words to express my gratitude for my support pillar in the past eight years since the beginning of blogging. My friend Arti has always been supportive and encouraging. Her devotion towards blogging expressed in her journeys on her blog My Yatra Diary is inspiring for every blogger. Her selfless efforts to share her knowledge contribute to the growth of bloggers and blogging. I believe without such devotion to our work, it's almost impossible to discover the fulfillment in our chosen work.

The gratitude cannot be completed without you. Yes, every one of you, thank You. Your support has helped me survive. Saved me from breaking. I blog for you and as I know you read my words, I live, I breathe. I may not know you personally but our bond of eight years is enough to confirm how well we all are connected by the supreme power for a greater cause.

If you are visiting here for the first time. I would like You in my world. My world is full of hope, love, and peace. I welcome you to join my world.

I crave to meet more and more people who wish to tell me how Narayankripa poems touched them, their lives.

You can join simply by subscribing to our blog. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Tell us how Narayankripa poems have impacted your life. It doesn't matter if it's a little thought that touched you or a poem which you felt healing or the emotions you can relate to. Let our community grow...as Narayankripa World...The world of universal brotherhood nurtured by the blessings of Gurudev.

Narayankripa Blog Anniversary Celebrations from earlier years: 

Update: Added the highway image. 

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  1. I am so honored to read your blog for the past 8 years, Mohini! What I absolutely love about your blog is that every poetry, each word of yours is heartfelt and dipped in your truth about the way you perceive the inner and outer worlds. I have always read your articles talking on spirituality, dharma and beliefs with great interest often always wanting me to read more. And, your poetic flair is prolific as always. Loved knowing a bit more about your journey dear, I wish you all the very best for all the many many years ahead. Your blog's mission is a blessed gift for the Universe and a beacon of light for many finding their paths through the dark alleys, keep shining, keep enlightening!

    1. Thank you Arti for ever-kindest words. It's been the biggest blessing for me to have the truthful person like you read my little efforts and realizations. It's the blessed gift to have you in the journey as an inspirer, encourager, and support. :)


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