29 November 2014

Poem: Silent

no thoughts
no words
I am silent

27 November 2014

Poem: Thank You for Being My Friend

Today the United States is celebrating Thanksgiving Day. We always say, ‘Count your blessings’ and I think, we can really realize those blessings if we start expressing gratitude.

So….today’s poem is my gratitude for a ‘friend’! :-) 

26 November 2014

Poem: Forgive

for peace
no grudges

25 November 2014

Poem: One Dark Night

darkest room
in the darkest night
I was inside

24 November 2014

Poem: Magnet

you have attracted
my mind, my thoughts
are you magnet?

23 November 2014

Poem: Thinking

thinking of

22 November 2014

Poem: My Heart Says

he'll come back
for me
"who says?"
"my heart"

21 November 2014

Poem: Dancing Words

The effect of non-stop reading ....

dancing words
in front of my eyes
appearing, disappearing
trying to focus on my book

20 November 2014

Poem: Dream World

imagining a world 
free from hatred

18 November 2014

Poem: Relief

Untimely heavy rains have disturbed my city since past few days. Yesterday had some relief from it.

And here is how I felt...

17 November 2014

Poem: Emotions become Poems

What makes a poem beautiful, most creative? 

I can say, I don't write poems, but I feel them, I breathe them..

A poem dedicated to the poem itself... 

Poem: Shining Blossom

Nature is the best inspiration to write poems, nature itself has a poetry within it we just have to read it....

15 November 2014

Poem: When Will You Come Back?

The heartache is difficult to express and difficult to understand by the world, probably the two hearts who are missing each other only know it as they live with that pain...

Poem dedicated to heartache...

my silent tears
you could never read

12 November 2014

Poem: Waiting For A Response

Remember those moments when you were waiting for someone’s response which would decide your future?

It can be anything like waiting for examination results, or response related to a professional deal or election results…anything!

Sharing a poem describing those moments, I am sure you must have gone through all this!

waiting for a response
which will decide my fate

03 November 2014

Poem: Tears In Ruins

Cyclone Hudhud has caused devastation, recently. A few days back I read a story of a fellow marketer whose business is adversely affected due to the cyclone. His home is also damaged. 

Trying to express his pain in this poem,

cyclone 'Hudhud'
shattered my life; tears are
touching the ruins

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02 November 2014

Poem: Singing Our Love Story

A sweet dedication, a free haiku to a sweet love story,

tiny raindrops
touching my cheeks;
singing our 'love story'

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