The Indian culture is expressed by The Vedas, Upanishads, Epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Eighteen Puranas.

The traditions in India are mainly based on all these. Some traditions are deformed or overwhelmed by superstitions and need to be corrected. The right meaning and way to be expressed again. But this does not mean that Hinduism is wrong or follows only superstitions.

The basic concept behind the traditions is important. Whatever wrong must be eradicated no doubt, in any religion it may be.

So mainly the writers, poets or The 'Drashtas' of all these were The Sages - The Rishis and they got this knowledge of Vedas or Ramayanas by their high worship, sacrifice, tapasya.  They reach a great height and a complete inner purification by the grace of either the God or the Sadguru. 

Both words have the same meaning.

Because the person imparting knowledge is The Master or the Guru. A Master or Guru is needed for the knowledge about any subject and of any field.

Then to get the divine knowledge or the supreme truth without the Sadguru is impossible.

Tapasya really generates the power within oneself. Believe it. But 'Tapasya' means in ancient ages in India, as the worship of the God , by very different and hard ways. These ways were such that for the inner purification , the worshipers or the sages used to do fasts - very hard Vratas along with the chanting such as the fast without meals, then the harder way fast without water and number  of such difficult vratas.

There were no. of ways. but the worship of the God was the same.  All this will be discussed in this blog.

By all these different ways of worship and tapasya for self realization, finally by the grace of the God or Sadguru our conflictiong mind starts  becoming peaceful. I got all this by the grace of my Sadgurudeva Most Revered Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj. In his discourses, in His booklet 'Siddhayoga ( Mahayoga )', this thing is explained again and again, very simple but really I felt hard to understand. And now I am writing here, so I wonder, how can I write all this. So this is simply Gurukripa!

By the grace of The God or The Sadguru the  sadhana and the tapasya starts, paths to worship may be different.

The conflicting mind melts in the Prana or The divine Chanting and the inner ocean of peace is discovered, within oneself. The Supreme divine knowledge or the Gyana comes from the heart.

This is the origin of Vedas and of all that The Sages have written. So they are called as Mantra Drashta. All what they have written is just as they got naturally and not by the material way of learning. These things we can experience in the discourses of true saints. This thing I always feel in the  discourses of my  Sadgurudeva Most Revered Narayankaka Maharaj. He says something very very simple but have deep Divine meaning. When we read the words of Swami Vivekananda, we feel the Divine Grace by Him always. That is because the same reason. 

When the inner bliss and a Divine Touch starts to be expressed in everything we do. 

This blog is about all this and I got all this by The Grace of my Sadgurudeva, so This is 'Gurukripa Indian Culture 'N' Philosophy'


  1. Congratulation for such a beautiful blog and promoting fascinating aspect of India on Internet...Admirable content...

  2. Welcome Rahul, Thank you so much for your encouragement...:). These words are best awards of my life..:)

  3. Hello, I startet to read swami Vivakanada ( veddanta )and the bhagavad gita a year a go. It is an good philosophy.
    Non dualistic

  4. Namaste Tino, welcome to Gurukripa. I am glad to know that you have started reading Swami Vivekananda and Bhagwadgeeta. Non dualistic - Advaita philosophy brings the supreme bliss in life. :)

  5. I read this blog......this is one of the best blog I have ever read.......your blog make me inspired to explore Indian philosophy further....thanks

    1. Namaste Rajivji! Welcome to Gurukripa - Narayankripa. Thank you for your precious Feedback.

  6. Hi Mohini, lovely blog. True to Indian values and traditions.

  7. Thank you Life360 for the kind words. :)


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