27 October 2016

Poems: Feathery Emotions

Some short sweet poems on the feathery emotions of love that are soft, not always obvious, not always intense but are very very beautiful. I am sure, they will make you smile.

Stopped thinking of you
For those moments
When we met in 
My dreams

12 October 2016

Poem: Walking With The Moon

Wrote this poem while actually walking and irresistibly looking at the moon.

Walking with the moon
And thinking about you
How it happens, only God can tell us
When the moon smiles

06 October 2016

Poetry: My Soul

National Poetry Day is being celebrated in Britain today. It's already trending on Twitter, worldwide. For the most of the days of the year, we celebrate poetry here. Today's poem is my dedication to the poems I could write so far and how I learned to live a better life from them. It's my gratitude to poetry for blessing my life. 

Heartfelt fervent words
Simple and sweet
Flowing from the heart's emotions
Weave themselves happily
Bringing smiles
My poems
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