31 May 2015

Poem: Holding The Pain

Some micropoems on the prompt, 'hold' by micropoetry.com

29 May 2015

Poem: Lifelong Learner

Poetic asides Wednesday prompt is about learning. What's the best aspect of learning, learning itself. Here is bouquet of micropoems on 'learning'.

28 May 2015

Poem: Golden Silence

We know that silence is golden. A poem on the golden silence.

25 May 2015

Poem: Emotions

A poem on balanced emotions,

24 May 2015

Poem: Evening Golden Rays

Today's poem is on the sunset I captured few days back. It was a great fun to watch how sun rays spread slowly before sunset and how they vanish suddenly. Today's poem grows with the images. Hope you'll like this effort.

20 May 2015

Poem: Childhood Stress

Today's poem is on Poetic Aside Wednesday prompt 'Childhood'. Just penned down first memory I remembered about my childhood.

17 May 2015

Poem: Listen

Yesterday I tweeted micropoems on the theme 'Listen' given by micropoetry.com. Re-sharing them here for blog friends.

16 May 2015

Ayyappa Swami Temple: Heaven on The Earth

Today I went to Bhagwanji's abode, Paramdham and just returned meeting Him. Surprised? We are told that we can meet the God after death and then how can believe His existence. I went to the Ayyappa Swami temple in Dhule today to  spend the peaceful devotional Saturday evening with Ayyappa Swami. The atmosphere is so devotional it's just like the Abode of the God as described in Puranas. The  temple becomes heaven during the Sandhya Samay - the twilight.  

Poem: Flowers

Today's theme is 'flowers'...flowers and love have some magic...:-)

15 May 2015

Poem: Angel

A poem dedicated to a cute angel kid friend, I had met in train some years back. 

i met a cute angel,
in a train full of strangers

14 May 2015

Poem: Lost

For today's poem took poetic aside's prompt to 'Lost'

13 May 2015

Silent Poem

Discomfort index is more than 25 these days and needless, to say how difficult it is to protect oneself from heat stroke. High core temperature causes symptoms like rapid pulse or muscle cramps. The biggest challenge in summer is to keep the core temperature normal. Today, sudden stormy rain brought down the discomfort index and I can't find words to explain, what a relief it is for me and for all those like me who can't bear summer at all! So, just wrote a silent poem today. 

12 May 2015

Poem: Rushing to Meet You

Some Haiku and micropoems on prompt 'rush',

Remember the condition when you were missing your love and tried to reach them hastily...?

11 May 2015

Poem: Knots

Let's get crafts today. Poetic asides blog has given a prompt to write a crafty poem. I love macrame and writing poems both arts. So, here is how I can relate macrame knots with my life and the poems.

10 May 2015

Poem: How I Enjoy Writing Poems

I couldn't post some of the poems written during the PAD challenge last month. Today's poem is one of them, which I wrote on 'how I write poems'.

09 May 2015

Poem: Krishna

I love Krishna as a motivator, as a friend and as an ideal leader. I learnt about Him from Mahabharata and Shrimadbhagwadgeeta and since then love to love Him or it would be more appropriate to say that He loves me, He loves all of us. One more dedication to Lord Krishna. 

08 May 2015

Poem: Hot Atmosphere

Today's poem is ABC form poem in which first word begins with the letter A and then first word of every new line begins with the successive letter of the alphabet, beginning from A. Also this poem is describing summer mood.

06 May 2015

Poem: My Trip With My Soul

For the peace of mind, there's no better way than spending some time alone with the soul or with nature. Our lives are so much occupied by the electronic devices, smartphones, and the internet, it has become difficult to get disconnected from the worldly matters, even just for some time. My Gurudev H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj had practiced and spread the Mahayoga till the last breath of His life. His teachings were so simple that, 'just observe your breathing, don't force and let the thoughts come and go, don't get bothered'. I think, that's like a taking a trip with the soul.  

05 May 2015

Poem: Success Life Stairs

Today's poem is on a self-thought prompt, 'Stairs' - a motivational poem Success Life stairs.

04 May 2015

Poem: When I Don't Meet The Moon

Some micropoems and very short and sweet stories of love,

on the edge
life and death
come back
o my life
o my love

03 May 2015

Poem: White Moonlight Magic

Tomorrow is Paurnima- full moon night and the moon is already looking so beautiful.  It wasn't possible for me to post a single poem today, but what a wonderful magic the moon has done. Some micropoems on white moonlight. Hope you'll enjoy them,

02 May 2015

Poem: Return

Some verses for the prompt 'Return'. The prompt was given by micropoetry.com. 

01 May 2015

Poem: Drowning

A poem for the love of poems,
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