Collection: 'Namah Shivaya' Hymns to Lord Shiva by Narayankripa

Narayankripa is celebrating the auspicious Mahashivaratri Parva by prayers and hymns today; offering the divine worship to Lord Shiva in the linguistic and poetic form. Happy to present 'Namah Shivaya' the collection of prayer and hymns to Lord Shiva from our blogging temple of Narayankripa and my other blogs in Indian languages.   

This Mahashivratri, may Lord Shiva accept our puja in performed different forms and bless us unwavering Bhakti for His 'Shiva' Swaroop.

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English: Narayankripa

  • Namakam Chamakam Effect on Mind: My article on the effect of Namakam Chamakam of Rudrashtadhayi. The two chapters of Rudra, the fifth and the eighth,  known as Namak and Chamak recited more commonly from the eight chapters among devotees.  
  • ShivaSwaroopa: Hymn to Lord Shiva as I see, realize and feel the form of the formless in the bliss of His Sadhana. The hymn is from my realizations as a Mahayoga Sadhaka. 

Gokarna flower is believed as the most favorite flower of Lord Shiva.
Though Shiva means the supreme power which is certainly beyond all the likes and dislikes, we possess, it's our devotion that we attach human nature to our God. 

Hindi: Chaitanyapuja

  • Maan Mandir Mein Base Prabhu Tum: Hindi prayer worshipping the Mahayogi Shiva offers the flower of the mind purified by the (spiritual) fire of Yoga known as Yogagni. The prayers express the heart of a devotee is the true temple of Lord Shiva and Bhakti is the supreme worship.
  • Shrishivleelamrit Gratha Katha Saar- Gyan aur Bhakti Ke Aadhyatmik Sandesh: An article on the essence and spiritual teachings of stories of Shivleelamrit by Dnyanesh. 'Shivleelamrit', the poetic stories of glories of Lord Shiva, is composed in Marathi by Shridhar Kavi. Shridhar Kavi composed the stories of Skandapurana.

Sanskrit: Jivanamukti

  • Namami Prabho Artarakshakah: Hymn to Lord Shiva describing Him by His divine names expressing His divine blessings which protect, nurture and enlighten the devotee. 

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