31 December 2016

Poem: Smiles Like Sunshine

To all my dear friends, readers and well wishers, everyone of you and your families and loved ones,

Smiles like bright sunshine
Hopes big like skyline
Happiness colorful like rainbows
Freedom broad like blue sky
Peace deep like blue ocean
Love like blooming flower
I wish for you and me
Today, tomorrow, 
this year and forever
Happy New Year 2017

30 December 2016

Poem: Unknown Cord

That unknown
Cord connecting us

You and Me
Is the strongest
Keeps me strong


22 December 2016

Poem: Magnificence of God

Mind dwelling on magnificence of the God 
Instead of dwelling in complexities

All adversities look tiny dust particle;

Evanescing bit by bit 
Within the effulgence of God

16 December 2016

Micropoems: Invaluable Moments

There is love
And there is you
Difficult to define 
The difference between two


Most invaluable moments of life
Those spent thinking of you
Those spent missing you

Image for poem Invaluable Moments


My mind flies
Flapping the wings of love
To reach you;
 The only way 
It knows to be with


Thoughts of you
Every day
Every hour
Every moment
My little poems


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30 November 2016

Poem: The Inseparable Core

It's the last day of November and we finished daily poetry writing for the entire month. Initially, I wasn't sure about writing every day because of health issues. I am happy that health stayed well and I could write new poems.  After four months of nerve palsy, December will be the first month, I won't have an appointment with the Neurosurgeon. 

The recovery journey for the past months made me more lonely, more anxious about the loss of work and eyes. I would wake up very depressed and defeated especially when the diplopia occurred once again after initial partial recovery. During the second episode of the disease, I couldn't see much progress. Then, I decided to devote more time to Sadhana, (spiritual practice). I hadn't stopped working. Living and working with double vision was heartbreaking. 

Seeing two images of everything and then focusing on the one to perform any task was the hardest thing to do. When one eye stops moving or both eyes don't move in synchronization, each eye shows its own image. I had to see two different images of everything, for every moment the eyes were open. I lived this challenge twice. Two images weren't equal. The image created by the affected eye would appear tilted. Moving eyes in any direction would increase the misalignment without any fixed rule of the vision created. It's almost impossible to articulate how I faced each and every day with diplopia. Diplopia has gone completely now, with medication and eye exercises  and I hope current progress will be stable without medicines as well. Paralysis and its recovery are absolutely unpredictable. Today, I have normal vision restored and I feel, it's the God's grace and answer to the prayers and wishes my friends.

For the last day of November, dedicating a poem to Mahayoga Sadhana with whom I spent the time of dismay of diplopia. The only time I could give some rest to my brains from two images was when eyes were closed. 

Image: Inseparable Core

You awakened me from the
dark sleep of ignorance
You revived my lost 'self' 

for the most vital perseverance
Whenever clouds of sadness
hindered my hope
You lightened up the dedication
to build the path to cope
Whenever I got overwhelmed 
by the circumstances and lost the direction
You showed me the very 

next essential step in the right direction
You cleared the noise of my
thought-generated uncertainties
You purified my mind to
discover the spiritually-assured certainties
You blessed me the courage to
walk again with the unfailing confidence
And blessed me the resilience 

to work again with the consistent brilliance
Whenever I got drowned in 
the darkness of depressed mind
Your blessings appeared with 

the light of rising sun and fortune shined
I bow to you again and again
for being the inseparable core of me
which constitutes my survival 
after life-shaking challenges and the true me.

Thank you for always being so supportive. Your support is itself a motivation to work on a new idea every day. I wish this beautiful month would never end. But change is the beauty of life. We will keep meeting with new poems, new posts and a new zeal further also.

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29 November 2016

Cliche Poem

Love is cliche
Heart is cliche
'Heartbeats' is cliche
Soul is cliche
I hear it always

28 November 2016

Poem: Surety of Faith

unpredictable is the life
holding the hand of God
new steps 
'surety of faith'
in the incertitude of life

27 November 2016

Poem: Fervency

Tides in the mind
and words are quiet
Unwritten verses
and Unspoken voices
Speak that words can't
From heart to heart
A poem of fervency

Image: Poem Fervency

From heart to heart
Where words fail
But heart sings its fervency
Distance fails
Because heart reaches
Constraints fail
And boundless heart flies
to reach its destination
The poem of fervency
reaches from heart to heart

26 November 2016

Poem: Heartsease

Reciting your name

With every breath, I inhale
By the fright

Text Image for Poem: Heartsease

What if this one is the last
And lived it without your name?

The fulfilment in the desperation
The heartsease in the restiveness
Your name,
Your love,
The faith that is you!

25 November 2016

Poem: The Story of Stars

A beautiful starry night always inspires to write a poem. Today's poem on stars.

24 November 2016

Micropoem: Alchemy

It's thanksgiving today. I think we can celebrate thanksgiving every day because there is some reason to thank someone every day. My thanksgiving for the day,

Thankful to the God
For blessing my life with the alchemy:
Poetry of the soul

23 November 2016

Poem: Stream of Stillness

Today's poem is dedicated to Maa Bhagwati Kundalini who is the force behind Mahayoga Sadhana. 

A stream of calmness flows deep inside
The stillness that isn't still,
The stillness that's flowing
Somewhere within

22 November 2016

Poem: Meditation

Some lines on what I understand as meditation...

Poem: Meditation

Thoughts appearing on the plane of the mind
In the crowds of chaotic clouds
And slowly disappearing, evaporating
One by one in silence
Meditation transpiring on its own

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21 November 2016

Micropoem: Gift

Two flowers inspired me today's poem, 

Image: flowers

The flowers look as if they are discussing something very serious. I tried to decode their expressions,

"Best gift of life?"
"Having friends like You."

20 November 2016

Poem: Faith in You

Your smile:
The strength to
Face yet another day
Embrace the present moment
With Smiles

19 November 2016

Poem: Godsent Birds

Bird watching, observing their behavior, and habits connect us with them. We don't even realize when we become friends with them. Today's poem on my friends, drongo birds.

The mimics who 
Enchant evenings
Godsent artists
My dear drongos, you are

18 November 2016

Poem: Emptying The Emptiness

Past three months of the nerve palsy and its recurring symptoms caused some emptiness in mind. Many times I wrote about peace when I used to feel so. Today, trying to understand the emptiness.

Text Image for the poem: Emptying The Emptiness

Fetching words from a big hollow
From the emptiness, that appears in mind
The Emptiness has something in it
Trying to extract it
What's it?

17 November 2016

Poem: I know I can

The assurance and the positivity Lord Krishna brings in the heart, 

I know 
I can
win against all odds,
win tough battles of life,
And create a world of my dreams,
Because I know,
You are with me,
Dear Krishna!

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16 November 2016

Poem: Words

It's the third week of the writing month. We have already finished two weeks of poems. It's going smoother than I thought in the beginning. All these days are full of learning new words and rules. Yesterday, I was so drenched in learning that for one moment I felt, my room is full of words and I am learning to feel all of them one by one. So today's poem is dedicated to words. 

Some have colors of rainbow
Some colored words have shades
Some have shades without colors

15 November 2016

Poem: Precious Pearl

You are the precious pearl
I wanna preserve 
In my heart
The pearl, I adore
The pearl, I love to hold dear

14 November 2016

Poem: The Door To Peace

Today Kartik Purnima and Gurupurab - the birth anniversary of Gurunanakdevji is being celebrated. So today's poem is my dedication to Gurudwara and the teachings of Gurunanakdevji.

I may not have in-depth knowledge of Sikhism, but I discover deep peace whenever I visit the Gurudwara here in Dhule. And the devotees in Gurudwara, are so humble and devoted to the principles they believe, meeting them my faith in kindness gets strengthened. Also, during the situations of crisis, anywhere in the world, Gurudwaras across the globe are opened for all. 

13 November 2016

Poem: The App Called 'My Life'

I always try to keep my rational plus technogy-overwhelmed thought process as an Engineer and poetic thinking separate from each other. For today's poem, I thought to mix them, let's see what happens...

Testing words 
Valid, invalid, partly valid
Encoding emotions
In verses
Decoding heart
In poems

12 November 2016

Haiku: Ecstasy

Today's poem is a haiku. Tried to write a haiku after a long time. I hope you'll like it.

Image for Haiku: Ecstasy

in chilly mornings,
wrapped in warm sun rays; winter
ecstasy on earth

11 November 2016


It's Kartiki Ekadashi, today, the eleventh day of the month Kartik according to Lunar Calendar. It's the day of Pandharpur pilgrimage or Wari. So, for today I thought to offer a poetic Puja to Lord Vitthala. Today, a hymn to Lord Vitthala. 

Scariest is
the thought of forgetting you,
For a single moment
I fear, I may forget you
But what I wanna say to you
Is never ever leave me
I am nothing without you

10 November 2016

Poem: Tomorrow Will Be Brighter

Today's poem on my favorite topic -- optimism. 

09 November 2016

Poem: Floret

Recently, I saw the blooming of a little floret from the bud. It took 2 to 3 days for the process and I was lucky to watch it every morning. Here is the just born baby and how it decided to meet the world -- today's poem.

08 November 2016

Poem: Breaths of Love

A poem about love which is beyond the limits of mind,
Where all imaginations stop

Your love begins
The love with

The depth beyond all definitions

The height beyond peak perceptions
Your love is the feeling beyond all the feelings of mind

07 November 2016

Poem: Just Forever

Wanna create a space in 
To think of you only for
Today, tomorrow and...
Just forever

06 November 2016

Poem: Treasured Thy Smiles

The happy practice of my eyes
Treasuring your sweet smiles

04 November 2016

Poetry of My heart

Don't need the world of
languages, words, and phrases
To love you 
To talk with you
To express my love for you
My heart beats
the rhythm of your love
Recites the poetry of our love 

03 November 2016

Poem: Melting

November has begun and many bloggers and writers are preparing for their next novel or poetry anthology. I have decided to try to write at least one poem per day. We did it in April, last time. Blogging every day is a bit difficult with a daily new poem. But posting poems or not, I will try to write, for sure. What I learnt from participating in different challenges is writing poems every day keeps mind fresh and free from writer's block. For me writing comes with realizations about self and life.

Here is today's poem. A lovely poem of a lovely conversation with the love.

My heart is melting in you

And you know it soothes me
And you know I let it melt
I let myself melt

I witness my ego melt
And it's when I don't want to open my eyes

02 November 2016

Poem: If I Were...

If I were rain
Would shower love 
With my millions of tiny drops
For you

27 October 2016

Poems: Feathery Emotions

Some short sweet poems on the feathery emotions of love that are soft, not always obvious, not always intense but are very very beautiful. I am sure, they will make you smile.

Stopped thinking of you
For those moments
When we met in 
My dreams

12 October 2016

Poem: Walking With The Moon

Wrote this poem while actually walking and irresistibly looking at the moon.

Walking with the moon
And thinking about you
How it happens, only God can tell us
When the moon smiles

06 October 2016

Poetry: My Soul

National Poetry Day is being celebrated in Britain today. It's already trending on Twitter, worldwide. For the most of the days of the year, we celebrate poetry here. Today's poem is my dedication to the poems I could write so far and how I learned to live a better life from them. It's my gratitude to poetry for blessing my life. 

Heartfelt fervent words
Simple and sweet
Flowing from the heart's emotions
Weave themselves happily
Bringing smiles
My poems

28 September 2016

Poem: The Power Where Love Smiles...

One more poem on the serenity of love.

Wrote this poem at the end of July. Though I don't remember the date of writing, presenting it with more depth of emotions with some addition. 

Image: Parijat flowers

You're the strength,
The inspiration that guides
You're the power
Where sweet love smiles

In your words
Found the nest for my mind
In your thoughts
Found the tranquil light for my mind

In your poems
I realized the glory of life
Though we never met
Your poems did all the magic.

I love for you the magic you create
I love you for your friendship you give
I love you for touching so deeply my soul

I am stirred
I am transformed
I am soothed

I love you for showing me the forgotten beautiful me
I love you for showing me your serene guiding light
So tenderly, with so much sweetness...

I love you for all this and yet for no reason
I am amazed by your lovingness.

Wherever I am, whatever I do,
In my battles of life or in the successes or failures,
small or big
I never stop loving you
My mind can't stop thinking of you

The only gift and the best gift I have for you is my love

For everything you do
For being a bright smile
My love is for you,
Always with you. 

PS: My battle with nerve palsy is still going on as progress went backward. I am utilizing this battle to increase my patience level.

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22 September 2016

Micropoems: For Your Smile

Today's poetry is a bouquet of flowers of micropoems on love. Some of them I have tweeted earlier and some new added today.

14 September 2016

Poem: Miss Those Days

Weather is so pleasant these days. I miss the days when I would go on a highway drive to nearby places alone. Had written this poem 'Aaj maine kshitij chhoo liya' when I went on Highway for the first time. It was so joyful, can never forget. Now, after the palsy episode, it's been a bit risky to drive alone on a highway. All this illness has become quite traumatic. I should wait for a month or two and then things will be easier than today. But I can't wait in such a beautiful weather. Highway drive was such a solace and escape from thinking on a gloomy day. The good thing about Dhule is two national highways cross here: Mumbai-Agra (NH3) and Surat Nagpur(NH6).

I couldn't resist writing a poem remembering those free days. Here it is...

11 September 2016

Prayer:Bless me Arts

Today, a prayer to Lord Ganesha to bless me  poems, songs, stories, and hymns.

08 September 2016

Fortuitous Reunion with Lord Ganesha

The busiest God these ten divine days is Lord Ganesha! I couldn't manage to post special hymns and prayers to Him this year. I couldn't try to paint Him. I was a bit disheartened amidst all the enthusiasm around. But guess what? He cares for me. When everybody is worshipping Lord Ganesha, when there are long queues at every nook just to get a glimpse of Him, when everyone is singing songs for Him, He met me - all alone! Yaay! I could express my feelings, He accepted them with His tiny and cute eyes, I locked His smile in my cam and all this happened just surprisingly. He did it for me. 

04 September 2016

Poem: Eternity of Love

Today's post is 500th post on this blog. Each and every blog post is so special for me that don't know when I finished all these posts. Today's poem is a dedication to the eternity of love. The eternity that is unbreakable, but that breaks all the limitations.

25 August 2016

KrishnaBhakti: When Loving Krishna Becomes the Necessity of Life

Happy Janmashtami dear friends!

I celebrated Janmashtami yesterday by meeting Lord Krishna in Mahanubhav temple, here. What an amazing evening it was!

Before visiting the temple, I had tree gazing (recovery journey isn't finished yet) and it was so enthralling to see that remaining eye condition was slowly disappearing during the gazing. When you experience the blessings of Krishna showering upon you each and every passing moment, no separate celebration is needed. 

I went to the temple with my mother and brother. (Considering vertigo possibility lost freedom to go alone! :( ) I went too early in the evening to avoid the crowd and get the time to meet Krishna when He is not surrounded by too many devotees. Celebration preparations were just beginning when we reached the sacred place.

There were a few devotees and the cradle for the baby Krishna wasn’t even prepared yet. But Krishna was ready to meet us, as always, ever smiling holding is flute, ready to mesmerize the world once again. 

I had decided, if it’s difficult to have Darshana of Lord Krishna due to crowd, I'll  wait. I am in no hurry. I’ll be the last. That’s what I generally do. But, it was better to go early because Janmashtami celebrations would begin at 12 midnight. It wasn’t possible to attend the ceremony at that time.

When I enter the temple I feel He was waiting just for me, He welcomes, He smiles....and I don't know what happens next but heavenly bliss wraps the mind and I am able to see smiling Krishna only. 

My hands get folded and eyes get closed and I don’t even know how many times I thank Him for His blessings. He just smiles, he doesn’t say anything. I captured His smile and though I wished to stay still in that moment forever, I forced myself to leave Him for other devotees and sit somewhere alone worshipping His glories.

I spent almost an hour there. Bhajans were going on with the preparations for the ceremony and  so many other things were going on. People were chatting. Mahanubhav saints were distributing Prasadam. And, still I was absolutely wasn’t part of all that because I could again and again see the smile of Krishna where only me and He existed, at least for me.

He was as happy as I was. He smiles again and again...for the time I was present there His mesmerizing smile was drawing my attention again and again. Where Krishna is present, the entire world feels like stranger. You just belong to Him. I wish this moment could become eternal by some magic, wish there could be such miracle. This peace would never end. I would just feel being with Bhagwan Yogeshwar Shrikrishna forever bowing my head and surrendering my ego to Him, closing my eyes, today, tomorrow and forever. Just Lord Krishna and me!  

So following practical limitations, I returned from the temple but the mind was still with Krishna and that incredible smile. Later, I played some of my most favorite Bhajans including 'Yamuna Kinare more gaanv' in the voice of Prabha Atreji and the Krishna magic wasn’t ready to cease anywhere. I didn’t prepare any special festival dishes. I didn’t even observe fast yesterday. It’s all not needed. Krishna accepts love, Krishna always waits for that sweetest, that simplest, that cutest love that we offer to Him. He doesn’t need anything else. And, for me Krishna is my friend so he has to be the part of all my happy and difficult moments. He knows, he loves whatever I do which though doesn’t fit in most of the religious traditions, but is in synchronization with His words shared in Bhagwadgeeta. 

I am not writing all this as purely my imagination. I am talking about Sakhyabhakti in which the God is our friend. I don’t need to imagine anything to write also because Krishna has told everything in Bhgawadgeeta, Mahabharata and Puranas. 

Krishna says, "I will worship you the way you worship me. If you believe that I am your friend, I am your friend. If  you love me, I’ll love you. If you consider me as your child, I’ll worship you as mother. If you see me as your master, I’ll be your master."

Naradeeya Bhakti Sutra explain Bhakti very beautifully in least words and that is why they are called 'sutra'. All the forms of Bhakti - the supreme love - is explained with the examples of famous devtoees. As the ideal examples of Sakhyabhakti, we know Arjuna and Draupadi, their trust, their devotion to each and every word of Krishna were always undeviating.
Krishna also always maintained that glorious and ideal bond of friendship. Krishna didn't participate in the Mahabharata war but became a simple Saarathi for His friend Arjuna and guided the timeless wisdom to Him and the world. Krishna let us fight our battles alone and see us growing and keeps guiding and protecting also at the same time. 

Yesterday, I came across some guidelines on how to fulfill desires by worshipping Lord Krishna on Janmashtami. I had a question in my mind when I saw this thought, what is the desire that remains unfulfilled, or actually what desire remains in the heart once you worship Lord Krishna?  

I really don’t know how to love to gain something. Love is loving, losing yourself completely. When you forget yourself in Krishna you become Krishna. The supreme devotion, the KrishnaBhakti as I realize is just loving Him. Loving Him because you can’t live without loving Him, that becomes your necessity of life.  KrishnaBhakti makes the heart so pure, so pure that you don’t even have a slight doubt in your mind that you Love Krishna so much, will He also love you or not?

Loving Krishna isn’t a material term that Krishna should fulfill all the desires and I shouldn’t have a single misery in life! It's not love, nor Bhakti. Bhakti is the bliss which stays in all conditions. Bhakti is that inner stability. Let all the miseries, hardships or unexpected issues be there, let there be all the chaos and difficulties, let there be heartbreaking tears. Nothing bothers me because deep within I love Lord Krishna, deep within I know Krishna is not going to leave me alone in any condition, because deep inside I know Krishna is with me. I am a blessed person because I love Lord Krishna. I believe, I understand that these feelings are spiritual Sadhana, these are much more than the prison of religious rituals and dos and don’ts. 

Krishna loves these feelings more than staying hungry and observing fast. I am not against observing the fast but I feel unknowingly we restrict love and make it dead by following fears of traditions rather than pure love. I used to do fast till last year. But now I have given up as now it's possible. Krishna has said it in Bhagwadgeeta, leaves, water or flowers whatever you offer makes me happy. We get trapped in the cage of fears created by ourselves, in the name of traditions.  

Bhakti is simple, just love. 

Happy Janmashtami once again! :-) May Krishna love keep enchanting us. 

PS: This year, I learned I how to prepare Panjiri prasad which means that I didn't know this simple recipe all these years...;)

23 August 2016

I Am Back Yeah...My Story of Eye Nerve Palsy Recovery

I am back. Yeah...

Missed me? I missed blogging, poems daily meeting all of you, though thanks to Twitter and our micropoetic conversations we are connected. 140 characters are never enough to talk with you. :) I am blogging today after two weeks after recovery from an unexpected disease and I can say which was, devastating shock for me.

06 August 2016

Micropoems: Pages of Life

Some micropoems tweeted today inspired by the prompt 'pages' suggested by @microprompt on Twitter, 

When the person in the poem surprised about their own feelings, 'oh, what they are?'

So tempted
To dedicate pages of my life
To you
To see your verses of love
On them
Will we rhyme?

20 July 2016

Gurupaurnima Gratitude to Mahayoga Sadhana and Gurumaharaj

Gurupaurnima is always the most special day in the life of any spiritual seeker or Sadhak. This year's Gurupaurnima was so peaceful for me. Had simple heartfelt worship and gratitude toward Sadhna and Gurudev was my Gurupaurnima celebration yesterday. I feel immense gratitude toward Gurumaharaj whenever I remember all the golden memories of Gurudeva since the moment I became a Mahayoga disciple. 

16 July 2016

Global Terror, Faiths and Wars

I opened eyes yesterday with the heartbreaking news of terror attack which is labeled in the media as the truck attack, in Nice, France. I was checking news updates for more details and noticed that instantly Islamist terrorism issue being discussed on Twitter. Today's article is about why I find Islamist terrorism is a surface issue, we are blaming without going into the roots of the ISIS. 

Image source: thedailybeast.com

12 July 2016

Sixth Blogging Anniversary Poem: Conquer

July is the most divine month for me as it brings the birth anniversary of my Sadgurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj and the birthday of our dear blog Narayankripa. This year, we are celebrating six years of blogging. Remember, 4th July 2010? We met for the first time. Since that auspicious moment, we share the bond of friendship till today and every day as we meet here, it’s becoming stronger and stronger.

04 July 2016

Poem: Love Is The Poetry...

Today a hashtag 'WriteSomethingAboutLove' was trending on Twitter. It's not possible to describe love in 140 characters...enjoy some more verses on love...

Image: Kunda Flowers and Buds

Love is the poetry
Heart writes
Love is the song

27 June 2016

Poem: Soothing Raindrops

After the brutal heatwave this summer, rains have brought the most awaited relief. For the past three months, it seemed like life will be burning forever in the blistering heat. But just within some hours of drizzle, the exhausting battle with the sun is ended.

Mother Nature loves her children, all of us and protects us even though we have lost all the hopes. Spending time in nature, unearth the truths of the world. These realizations grow us spiritually, which in turn make us child again; take us in the childlike mind when we didn't have any issues that come with ego and when we were happy with what we are.

I try to enjoy every raindrop in the light rain and here is a poem why I love the rain so much...

24 June 2016

Poem: Is It The Magic Called Love?

The feeling of love is so beautiful that it inspires to write a lot. Sometimes this feeling is just without any reason, not necessarily for someone. But you just feel to express it. You just want to write, talk, sing about love. I can't ever cease to write about all the shades of love. Wait, I am still discovering what love is.

Let’s splash vibrant colors of love today on the canvas of poetry,
beginning with lines I tweeted yesterday.
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