April Poetry Month Day 17 Poem: Law of Karma

The brutal gang rape and murder of Asifa has shaken the country. I find myself too insignificant and small to talk about justice, law or court case. All I have, as a poet, is my pen and my faith in the law of Karma. In today's poem, I tried to express these feelings and while writing this poem my pen and fingers felt helpless thinking about the suffering of the little angel.

The experience we create in the universe
for anybody, anywhere, at any time
lives there forever, in the universe
returns to us as the same experience
karma never dies

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your karma chases you
till it returns every experience 
you created for others

You may try to hide it, kill it and deny it
you know what you gave the victim

You will get it back what you gave
even if nobody knows about it

Even if the poor silenced victim
doesn't know the barbaric crime
you did with her 

You can never escape from the
supreme court of Mother Nature

Nature’s supreme power,
the inescapable law of karma

It's no punishment or reward
no bribery and no power abuse

Equal for everyone, 
at all times, in all places 
it's functional.

Escape from it today
and intensified form of your karma
will entrap you tomorrow

It’s chasing you
the deadened screams of the victim
before silencing her by murder

the tears of the little goddess
nobody saw except the walls of the Devi temple

Those screams and those tears
will hunt you forever
in different forms
your own heinous karma
and everyone who saved you

Whether you're a king
or shielded by the king
Nature's law of Karma
your own karma
will never set you free

Karma never dies


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