Your Love

The love for this blog shared by You.

In this blog, the spirituality is expressed in the form of prayers, poems and articles in such a way that you will find them your life experiences and not any preaching.

Political articles you will find honest and unbiased. 

Poems, I am sure you will simply Love. 

So, have you felt all this or more or something different? Please give your precious time to read this blog and some more time to give your testimonial on my little efforts to spread glory of Bharateeya culture, philosophy, some serious long - term political views and poems. 

Some, which are already received on completion of one year of blogging, very happy to share with you all.

Umesh Derebailji Says on Awards of Love Pt -1,

"I hope your GURUKRIPA blog is used as reference for future generations, remember you are making a mark on sands of time as the old saying goes. Like an architect who leaves a landmark, you are creating a landmark on the virtual world, that is the biggest motivation for anybody. Keep blogging, congrats in advance for your first anniversary."

 Deepak Says Always

 "I am a big fan of your writing. Your blog is a bunch of extraordinary things.. If anyone wants to gain knowledge then just visit your blog..
awesome crafting.."

Ranjith Says on 'Jeeveat Sharadaha Shatam' Gurudeva and Gurukripa, 

"Congrats Mohinee for completing one year of successful blogging. One thing that I liked about this blog is that it is Indian by nature and by heart. All the best for your blog...... and yourself too."
Abhi Dave Says on 'Jeeveat Sharadaha Shatam' Gurudeva and Gurukripa,

"Congratulations to you and the wonderful blog on your blogoversary !!  may you have all the success and accomplishments in the future :)."

"It makes me very happy to see that humanity is still alive..our contribution to your country and to humanity is unparalleled Mohini..keep it Up! We are always with you!!  yipeeee party time :)   God Bless You Dear with lotss of love and ^_^"

Arti Says,

"Narayan Kripa...It's not just a blog for me. True to its name, it is a beautiful blessing of The God and blessings can never be described. The writings here have always touched my heart and felt by my soul.

And what can I say about the blogger, Mohini Puranik. Be it spiritual, patriotic issues or poems, the gifted and talented writer she is, she can do justice to whatever topic she chooses to pen down her thoughts on. Her writings are always infused with so much love, devotion, and passion that they never fail to create strong impact not only while you are reading it but long after as well.

Thank you very much Mohini for spreading the intoxicating sweet fragrance of love, happiness, compassion, and divinity through your vivid thoughts and writings. My sincere best wishes for you and your blog that you can continue with the excellent work always and always. Keep Rocking.:)))"

Pramod Lohiyaji Says,

"A very unique blog with passion for upliftment of suffering humanity, endless in every sense of the word. Fragrance of Godly attributes always enriches one, when reaching this site."