April Poetry Month Day 1 Poem: SaraswatiPuja

April daily poetry celebration has begun. Today, on day 1 of the most exciting event of the year we'll pray Maa Saraswati for bestowing me one poem every day.

Hindu pujas follow rituals known as Sankalpa of performing puja, Avahan to deities, the main puja prayers, and hymns and finally Visarjan of the invited deities.

Sankalpa is the pledge that I am going to perform this puja for the purpose of achieving my desires mentioned in the Sankalpa like success, knowledge or wealth.

Avahan is inviting the respective deities to accept the puja I am going to perform and grant me the wishes I expressed in Sankalpa.

The main puja includes offering flowers, Kumkum, Naivedyam (offering food specially prepared for the deity), prayer, hymn, and once all the rituals are performed Visarjan is bidding farewell to the invited deity.

Sankalpa is another form of the determination of the mind that I am going to give my best possible efforts to accomplish my goal.

And prayer to God is to stay motivated to walk the path towards success and for the success to my efforts.

The puja, today, is in the form of Poetry and the God is in our temple of blogging.

Mother Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of arts and intellect. So, I'll begin with the prayer to Maa Saraswati.

Our prayer has the rituals of puja as the invitation, praise, and prayer. Visarjan is not included here because we do not want Maa Saraswati to leave our blog after the celebration of poetry month. It's the prayer for permanent her Sthapana (establishing her) in our blog temple.

I invite you, Maa Saraswati,
in the poems my words compose,
in the forms my poems take birth,
in the emotions these forms sing
Please arrive, dear Maa, in my poems

My beloved mother,
O mother of letters and languages,
arts of words and music,
your child's learning to
compose poems, sing your songs

Incarnate yourself in my poems
wearing the white sari,
white flowers in your hand,
being the peace you are,
being the synchronicity
you run through the universe
incarnate yourself in my poems

Move my pen to discover
your blessings in my life,

Stir my emotions to realize 
your presence in my heart

Simplify my expressions to flow'em
like your freed waterfalls, from my heart
Quench my thirst for peace 
ached in the cycles of births and deaths

Text Image: April Poetry Month Day 1 Poem: SaraswatiPuja

Dear Maa, my mind’s searching
for the oasis of peace
The spring of poems
in my deserted mind,
with the stream of purest tranquil thoughts,
the blessing I seek, from you, in my poems

The rhythm of your love ruling this universe, 
impartially showering on all your children,
the blessing I seek, from you, in my poems

Each step I take, hold my hand
Each mistake I make, correct my hand
Mistaken words or mistaken emotions
I need your correction in my poems

Guide me,
Enlighten me

Dearest Maa
I'm naive,
I'm confused,
I'm distracted,
But you're the same power
uniformly manifested
Bless your power in my words, dear Maa

Take me to the apex of 
where you reside

What to write,
how to write,
how to create poems,
I know nothing
The music you create in nature,
the beauty you create in changing seasons,
the songs you sing with the summer breeze,
The life you infuse in us with
tiny raindrops and thin sunrays
the hope you fill in the blue sky,
your icy touch in the winter cold
the miracle of sunrise you paint every morning,
to marvel the world
Bring them in my poems

The precise distinct existence you design
in all of your children
flowers, birds, humans, animals
Bring them in my poems

You're in all forms
yet no form can define you

Maa Saraswati, grace my poems
accept my prayer
grace my poems

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