April Poetry Month Day 2 Poem: Moon -- The Yogini

The prompt for today is 'the graciousness of the moon' suggested by my brother Dnyanesh. The moon has always been an inspiration to poets. We've moon poems on our blog too. For this poem, I decided to write the aspect of the moon I haven't noticed before and I thought initially it would be difficult. But thanks to the moon herself, she gifted me today's couplet.

Ruler of the mind, astrology defines you
You rule our minds, I believe whenever I see you

Agitated mind, weak or strong, but never stable
Your power affects human mind, astrology tells

Astrologically or astronomically how they define you
I can't grasp how the world perceives you

But the moment my eyes meet you
my mind's calmed, my soul tells

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The moment your light enters my eyes, 
my inner meditative space's awakened

As the night rises with your rising light
my soul enters the land of reflective poetry

Where poems arise, one by one, in your guiding light
with open eyes, thus I meditate with you whole night

Your  brilliant rays illuming my inner spiritual world
Unveil your yogic form, unremarked for always

The Yogini of nights who meditates alone 
gleaming her cool light to calm millions of minds

Living, struggling for survival on a distant planet
Resting in the arms of nights after exhaustive days 

Moon, the Yogini, the guiding light of my spirit
Moon, the Swamini, the ruling power guiding me Sadhana

Sanskrit terms in the poem:
  • Yogini: A female yogi. The Yogi is a person who has attained the supreme state of enlightenment.
  • Swamini: A female Swami. Swami literally translates to the owner and hence ruler of something or someone. Sanyasis who have embraced the ascetic life are most commonly revered with the title Swami. The term Swami comes from the idea that when your mind leaves all the material pleasures you truly become owner and ruler of your own life without external control. You are liberated.  
  • Meditation is generally believed as focussed contemplation or focused breathing exercises. However,  the context of this poem refers to Mahayoga Sadhana. Nature and moon create favorable conditions for Kundalini Shakti to progress the Sadhana better and with a heightened speed.
The poem has expressed astrology point of view. I do not believe in Falajyotish or astrology predicting future events based on the positions of planets in the janmakundali or birth chart. However, the poem is not intended to offend believers of astrology or criticize popular astrological beliefs.

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