April Poetry Month Day 15 Poem: Not My Leader

April Poetry Month Day 15 Poem 'Not My Leader' on leadership or lack of leadership:

Delivered emotional speeches
one after another
when you weren't in power,
to take necessary action
you shed tears for the country's plight

People trusted you
People trusted your words full of promises
People chose you as their unanimous leader
And then it's only you and you

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People didn't vote anybody else
enough power to oppose you
People handed over
the fate of the country and their souls to you

People didn't complain about your inexperience
People did forgive your blunders
People shielded you from any criticism
which would be slightly against you

And today you're still
you are still
delivering speeches after speeches
blaming the Opposition,
blaming the mistakes of leaders in the past,
blaming the media,
blaming other countries,
implying constantly, persuasively, aggressively
you shouldn't be criticized for your blunders

In your rhetorics,
you're blaming, complaining and blaming
complaining, blaming and complaining
Do you remember?
Today, you are in power!

You could pass any bill you want
You could ban anything you want,
at any time you want
But you can't take action against the rapists
Whom do you blame today?

Pretending to be helpless against the conspiracies of your enemies
Instead of taking action
to shield culprits
you're shifting the blame!
Accept, you are not a leader
we know, now, you are not our leader

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