31 March 2016

Poem-A-Day Celebration 2016

From tomorrow, 1st of April we’ll begin Poem-A-Day (PAD) challenge. I’ll try to post a new poem(s) every day. Before we begin the challenge, I pray to my Lord Sadgurudeva and Maa Saraswati for their blessings for more new poems.

Poems are blessings,
Poems are a celebration of life,
Poems are the life.

30 March 2016

Poem: Patriotism Meter

Almost everyone has their own definition or version of patriotism, nationalism and freedom these days. Today's poem is my attempt to share how these patriotism debates look like. 

27 March 2016

Poem: Unattached

The sky paints itself in thousands of breathtaking hues
That defines the beauty of the sky;
So is the life,

14 March 2016

Poem: Lead Your Mind

Met my mirror today,
After a long time.
So sincerely,
So curiously,
"How do I look?
I'm broken,
I'm sad,
How do I look?"
My eyes asked.
The mirror reflected,

11 March 2016

Poem: Uncovering the Soul

Creates deep realizations and discoveries within,
Frees the soul from the cover of ignorance:
Ignorance of forgetting the purpose of life,
The ignorance of chasing doubts, 
And the ignorance of equipping the mind by the burden of undesired believed desires
Some peaceful time for the soul to stop, live and uncover the truths;  
Uncover the soul.
Meeting the most important person in life
Meeting the self.

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09 March 2016

Poem: Political Turmoil Continues...

Political turmoil

04 March 2016

Poem: Cloud of Hope

Just clicked the sky from my room's window. Here is the message of light I received from this click.

Image for poem cloud of hope: White bright thick cloud emerging as a victor

Darkness covered the sky slowly,
The horizon isn't visible anymore.

03 March 2016

Poem: Leaders Without Vision

Leaders without vision,
With no power of execution

Victimize their own worshipers
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