26 October 2011

Enlightening Deepawali

Today is the day of Deepawali. The biggest festival of Bharat (India) celebrated globally too. Deepawali, the festival which represents the rich, ancient and highest civilized culture of Bharat and Sanatan Dharma. Deepawali is not a single day festival, different festivals come daily within it.  The festival which spreads the joy, the love and prosperity.

19 October 2011

My Friendship of Few Miles

Blogging world has now become like a Sea. Millions of blogs are existing and created daily. Blogging is the expression of the heart. Blogging is a social service For Some Bloggers. Blogging is Love, Passion And What Not!  
Today 19th Oct my Little Sister Simran has completed her one year of blogging And on 20th Oct. my brother Saravana Kumar Murugan Is Completing two years of blogging.  

Both these blogs are successful in terms of PR, popularity, comments and love from all.  

16 October 2011

Silence Speaks

Have you ever imagined the life of a person who has lost their speaking ability in some accident or due to some reason?

Feel their expression of heart in this poem.

Also while following spiritual path, we are always suggested the ‘Maun’- Silence. So a realization of silence is expressed in this deep poem. I request you to read this poem from both the views. 


14 October 2011

Bharat, People and Politics

Namaste friends! From some days I am not posting political articles. We have a lot of burning issues in Bharat and everyday news of scams, the corruption movement is keeping us engaged. Though, I am not writing on politics these days. I have spent time in analyzing the psychology of common people who are Facebook users mainly and the people who don’t know anything about social networking, i.e. people on ground level. It took a long time for me and couldn’t focus on writing. What I realized is all in all people are confused. And they are intentionally more confused by media, politicians, so called civil society. And the continuous and well planned brainwash of common people is going on.

09 October 2011

Your Love

 Experience the Love and Magic of Lord Krishna. 

Your Love Is
   Like Fresh Morning Flower
Your Smile Is
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