30 April 2015

Poem: Don't Bury The Thoughts

A motivational poem on how to handle overwhelming thoughts,

Poem: Bury The Love?

What can be the great way to celebrate the completion of the PAD challenge? Of course, writing poems, poems and more poems. Yet another poem for the "Bury" prompt. This is a cute love poem with cute thoughts, how 'he' thinks and how 'she' thinks about "Bury The Love?" thought. :-)

Poem: Bury The Fear

One more poem for today's prompt, bury the (blank). A motivational poem, "Bury the fear", to beat procrastination,

PAD Challenge Day 30 Poem: Bury The Past

It’s the last day of the PAD challenge.  I am happy that I could write poems for thirty days. I think, it’s really Gurukripa, without which writing a single word is impossible. And, your love and support, bless me for writing more and more with enthusiasm. This month I met many new incredible poets and read a lot of poems, enjoyed them, learnt a lot.  

This month has been such an incredible celebration of poetry because of the daily prompts and motivation by Robert Lee Brewer on his editor blog-Poetic Asides. I have no words to thank you, Mr Robert Lee Brewer. :-)  

Today’s prompt is Bury the (blank). I chose to write about verbal abuse once again for the last day. This poem is based on the mistakes we commit while giving advice to wounded hearts and verbal-emotional abuse victims knowingly or unknowingly. A suppressed victim doesn't tell us how they get more and more hurt by those simple looking words, "Bury The Past."

29 April 2015

Poem: Nobody Knows

Some verses for today's PAD challenge 'what nobody knows'. Celebration of poetry can't be without the celebration of love, so here is a love poem, "Nobody Knows"

PAD Challenge Day 29 Poem: Truth - Do You Want To Know It?

Today is the 29th day of the Poem-A-Day challenge. Can you believe it? We are going to complete 29th day today together in the journey of poems. Today's challenge, by Writer's Digest, is to write a 'what nobody knows' poem. So, today's poem is about the truth that nobody knows. Yes! The truth which is not obvious, do you want to know it?

28 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 28 Poem: What Matters For A Happy Life

The last three days of the PAD challenge are remaining. Today is the 28th day. Today's prompt by Writer's Digest, "Two for  Tuesday" is to write a 1. Write a matter poem and 2. Write an anti-matter poem. Today's poem is a motivational poem about the conflicts between relationships and what matters for a happy life.

27 April 2015

Poem: Look Back

Some verses dedicated to the prompt, 'look back'

PAD Challenge Day 27 Poem: Looking Back, How It All Began

PAD Day challenge 27, yes, it's 27th day of the April month, today. Today's prompt by writer's digest poetic aside blog is to write a looking back poem. When I look back, how April month began and how I started writing for PAD challenge, another poem is born, check it out,

26 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 26 Poem: Lonely! I Love To Be Lonely

PAD Day 26 prompt by Writer's digest is to write a poem on a word or two invented by Shakespeare. It should be the title of the poem. I chose the word 'lonely'. Just like the color black, loneliness is also thought to be negative. However, I love to be lonely because I believe loneliness is positive, know how. Here is a poem Lonely! I love to be  lonely, 

25 April 2015

Poem: Sea of Love

One more love poem for the prompt 'across the sea', 

Poem: Missing You My Sweet Sis Sanchita

One more poem dedicated to some special moments and memories. This poem is dedicated to my dear Facebook friend and my sister Sanchita Biswas, who left this world a few years back.  

PAD Challenge Day 25 Poem: I'm There With You

It's PAD Challenge day 25 today. Writer's digest prompt is to write an across the sea poem. I have one more love poem today. Love doesn't know any barrier.

24 April 2015

Short Poem: Poem Moment

A poem for that beautiful poetic moment when a poem blooms,

PAD Challenge Day 24 Poem: Those Simple Moments

Today is the 24th day of April month and our poem-a-day challenge. Only six days are remaining after this poem. Today's writer's digest suggestion is to write a moment poem. A poem dedicated to some simple moments which became the most precious ones.

23 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 23 Poem: Worshipper of Knowledge

Today is the day 23 of the PAD challenge and writer’s digest prompt suggestion is to write a historic poem. Today is Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti (birth anniversary). So I decided to write a poem, dedicated to Adi Shankaracharya.

22 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 22 Poem: Summer Storm

It's PAD Challenge day 22 today. And, Mr Robert Lee Brewer has suggested to write a poem on nature. As we have hot Indian summer to inspire us, I thought to dedicate a poem to the scorching sun.

Dhule has crossed 40 degree Celsius temperature this week and it's terribly hot here. Here is a poem, how summer affects our emotional health.

21 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 21 Poem: Intuition

It's PAD challenge day 21 today and the prompt for  today is "what you are" and/ or "what you are not" poem. So, here a poem on what intuition is and what it is not.  

20 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 20 Poem: My Poem, The Light

Today is the day 20 of April month's poem-a-day challenge. It has been a fantastic journey so far. Today's prompt is to write a poem with the title "My (blank), the (blank)" where we are supposed to create a new phrase or word for the title. I am absolutely drenched in writing and reading poems this month, so couldn't think anything other than poems, "My Poem, The Light". 

19 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 19: Authority on Poetry

Today's challenge for poem-a-day April event is to write a authority poem. We write poems, but can we really claim the authority on poetry? Check out today's poem, 

18 April 2015

Poem: It's My Lyrics Desire

One more poem for PAD challenge day 18. This poem is a prayer to Lord Krishna and contains the words with vowels "i" and "e" only in every line. I am sure, you'll love it.

PAD Challenge Day 18 Poem: Art of Words

For today's challenge the prompt is different, a poem with words containing two vowels. I tried words with "a" and "o". This micropoem is a dedication to poems the art of poetry.

17 April 2015

Poem: Swinging Ideologies

This poem is also for PAD challenge day 17, a swing poem. Thought to write my feelings about swinging political ideologies. 

Poem: Quiet Unexpressed Love

One more swing poem for PAD challenge day 17. This poem is dedicated to the feelings of quiet and unexpressed love.

PAD Day 17 Poem: Unwind With the Wind

Poem-A-Day challenge prompt for today, day 17th is to write a swing poem. I have a cute little flower of Lily with me, today, to share a swinging poem, a poem swinging with joy with all of you, dear friends!

16 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 16 Poem: The Science of Poems

The challenge for the day, sixteenth of April PAD event, is a science poem. Today's dedication is to great poets and their great poems. So, what I thought scientifically is that... 

check out today's poem,

15 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 15 Poem: Black

PAD day 15 challenge is to write a poem on an adjective, including the adjective in the title of the poem. I have a poem on my favorite 'black', hope you'll love it.  

14 April 2015

Poem: Honestly Trying

One more poem for PAD challenge 2015 day 14, an honest or a dishonest poem. 

PAD Challenge 2015 Day 14 Poem: What My Heart Tells Me

PAD Challenge day 14 prompt is to write an honest poem or a dishonest poem. So here is what I thought, 

13 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 13 Poem: Confessions to Clear Confusions

PAD day 13 challenge is, yeah! we have reached  the day 13, 'confessions'Today, I am sharing my feelings about ideal friendship. 

12 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 12 Poem: Damaged Sleep

The prompt for PAD challenge day 12, suggested by Robert Lee Brewer is 'damage'. For this challenge I am posting my first thoughts, for most of the days, when I read about the prompt. When I read about damage, I couldn't think anything other than sleep. Here is a poem for the challenge,

damaged sleep
can’t weave new dreams

11 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 11 Poem: Summer Surprise

PAD April challenge Day 11 is seasonal poem. It's a cool Saturday today and here is a Haiku about how I am feeling, 

Poem: Relief I Was Searching For

The beautiful feeling when it rains all of a sudden in summer, 

10 April 2015

Micropoem: Can You Heal Scars?

Just tweeted a micropoem on the poetheme 'move' by micropoetry.com. A micropoem dedicated to verbal abuse victim's emotions,

PAD Challenge Day 10 Poem: How You Hide Your Feelings

Today is PAD April 2015 challenge day 10 and writer's digest prompt for today is "How (blank)". And, I have a sweet short love poem for you all, "How you hide your feelings",

09 April 2015

Poem: Teary Words

A poem on summer blues,

PAD Challenge Day 9 Poem: Redefine Your Lifestyle

PAD challenge day 9 writer's digest prompt is 'work'. Work has many aspects and so variety of poems can be written on this topic.  

I was a workaholic person and was proud of it. This habit can lead to burn out. When I realized where I was going wrong and I redefined my lifestyle and yes! there isn't anything to feel proud about it. Now, I work more and but rarely get tired. Just a simple poem on this positive and productive change.

08 April 2015

Poem: Poem-A-Day Forever

One topic I  thought to write poem on was a word twenty two. Today is eightth day of poem a day challenge and summer is making it difficult to write every day. So I am feeling like how I am going to write for 22 days more a poem on these thoughts...

PAD Challenge Day 8 Poem: Dare to Refuse Addiction

The eighth day of the PAD challenge this month, wow! I am really enjoying this. Today's topic by writer's digest is dare.

07 April 2015

Poem: This Fairy Tale of 'You and Me'

Today's poem for the PAD challenge day 7 is a love poem, a sweet and incomplete love story. A poem about love and the unwilling separation.

Micropoem: Heart Poem

Writer's Digest topic for today is Love poem or anti-love poem or both. I am still thinking about it. Till I come up with something interesting, check out this micropoem, I just tweeted.

06 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 6 Poem: The 'Me' in My Poems

We are here today on the day 6 of PAD challenge. I have chosen 30 topics for this month and I am enjoying writing for Writer's Digest challenge as well. Today, I mixed my plan to write about poems with the Writer's Digest PAD day 6 topic. It is about writing a things-not-as-they-appear poem. This is challenging and I thought to write about me and my poems and mainly about how much 'me' is present in my poems. I am sure, you'll enjoy today's poem. 

05 April 2015

Poem: Tasteless Taste

For PAD challenge Day 5 thought to write poems on Writer's Digest prompt only. Writing more poems becomes difficult sometimes. Also, we have taken many serious topics for poems. Let's enjoy something lighter today.  The topic suggested by Robert Brewer today is vegetable

04 April 2015

Poem: Bye Bye Dear Grief

Writer's Digest, April PAD challenge day 4 topic is departure. When I read this word, first feeling came in my mind was the grief I felt after the departure of my Sadgurudev H. H. Shri Narayankaka Maharaj. I thought not to write a sad topic. When I started writing, I am surprised to see my positive feelings...

PAD Day 4 Challenge Poem: My Heart Tells...

For PAD day 4 challenge, today, I  thought to write about Love.

03 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 3 Poem: Love You Droid

The theme I thought to post today is my beloved Android and coincidently Writers digest PAD challenge day3 prompt is 'machine', so I am writing about my dearest sweet Droid.

Poem: Secret of My Heart

Again, one more poem for writer's digest PAD day 2  theme, 'secret', a secret love story, a sweet poem on a sweet fight!

Poem: Top Secret or Open Secret?

PAD day 2 theme by writer's digest was 'secret', anything secret or a riddle, keeping or not keeping secret. My thoughts terrorism, war on terrorism and how we see all the news.  

02 April 2015

PAD Challege 2015 Day 2 : Nature's celebration of Death and Birth Cycle

The theme PAD challenge day 2 I created is 'fall',

01 April 2015

Poem: My fight for The Justice…I am winning!

Writer's digest prompt for PAD day 1 is resistance. A poem for a courageous woman fighting for justice alone,

PAD Challlenge 2015 day 1: Twist

Today's theme for PAD challenge 2015 is 'twist'.

Poem-A-Day Challenge 2015

The poetry month, the month of April has begun and poets are participating in Poem-A-Day challenge. As I wrote in the earlier poem, a new poem every day, we are also going to celebrate the PAD challenge.
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