Narayankripa in Self Awakening Newsletter

Namaste Dear Brothers and Sisters. I am very happy to share one more Golden Moment in the journey of Narayankripa, the story of Narayankripa is published in the latest issue of Self Awakening Newsletter published by official site of Mahayoga, -

The unforgettable golden divine moments of my life when I received the blessings from my Sadgurudeva His Holiness Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj are shared in the article Narayankripa - A Divine Gift. 

Image is a Screenshot of Article Narayankripa - A Divine Gift in Self Awakening Newsletter

The moments and thoughts shared in this article are from the time I have met my Sadgurudeva, how He has inspired me and blessed by Supreme Spiritual Knowledge when my thoughts were going in the darkness of depression. 

The topics shared in Narayankripa's Article in Self Awakening are : 

  • Narayankripa and My Life
  • Mahayoga for World Peace
  • Golden Moments of Gurudev's Darshan
  • Gurudev's Most Memorable Teaching
  • Sadguru as Mother
  • The Inspiration and Realization
  • Prayer for Spreading Message of Mahayoga
  • Mahayoga Haiku 

I am sure, you will love to read the divine moments of my life and the Message of my Sadgurudeva which has transformed my life and which will transform millions and millions of lives, please visit 

Self Awakening Vol 5 Issue 3

I have no words to thank Aadarneeya Shri Milind Joshiji (Aadarneey Sadhak who is actively involved in Mahayoga Prasar and the webmaster for who has honored me by this opportunity to share the Golden Divine Moments in Mahayoga Spiritual Life and Aadarneeya Shri Dilip Kamatji (Editor of Self Awakening) for publishing my article in Self Awakening Newsletter. Instead of just thanking according to the Indian Culture my Many Many Pranam to Aadarneeya Shri. Milind Joshiji and Aadarneeya Shri. Dilip Kamatji


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  2. Thank you Sandy for the comment..:-).

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