31 July 2012

When Life Was Stopped

This poem is a reflection of depressed mind and expressing a motivation to live. While writing these lines, I was under extreme stress and while writing I got an answer of my questions.

27 July 2012

Meaning of Life

You might be remembering that some months back, I could not write a single Haiku and now I am regularly sharing Haiku on Haiku Heights. Haiku Heights' inspiration has become so important, I can't miss a single prompt. 

Haiku Heights is hosted by my friend Leo (Vinay) with the beautiful blog I Rhyme

20 July 2012

First Love

This week's theme for Haiku Heights is 'First'.  The first theme came in my mind reading the word first, is first love. Nobody, can forget the innocent feelings of first love. I feel, love can't be first, second....Love is just love the first feeling which tells us the meaning of life. Today, I am so happy, to present a poem with the Haiku on the same theme. Haiku and poem is dedicated to Lord Krishna and His love..

13 July 2012

Explanation of Sanskrit Terms Used on Gurukripa

Jay Jay Shankar ! Har Har Shankar

"I pray to Lord Shankara to enlighten me with the Gyana."

We are discussing about Indian culture and philosophy of Advaita on this blog from past two years. While writing, I am actually realizing more and more and learning more. Many spirituality concepts are not in English which are very usual and common in Bharata. I was not getting satisfaction of writing by replacing the words and I try to keep what comes from heart as it is, because it is spiritual and not manual work.

12 July 2012

Vital to The Life

vital energy 
of mind; eaten by worries                                      
smile for smiling life 


you were so vital
like breathing; I am dead now
without you my love


11 July 2012

Namakam - Chamakam Effect on Mind

Namaste brothers and sisters,

I was away from blogging and social networking last month due to stress and now also I was not feeling completely normal. Apart from that or another reason of stress is the high blood pressure I am having. It was 180/120, you can imagine, how restless I must be feeling. I had trouble while driving too. I had to take rest compulsory and the medicines which will bring down the BP. But unfortunately, the BP was not coming to normal.  Any music, any film, was not making me feel relaxed. I could not complete to post dedicated to second birthday of Gurukripa.

08 July 2012

Devotional Photo Journey: Vitthala Darshan

Now, we are in third year of Gurukripa and the first new experiment in this year is Devotion and Indian culture presented in Power Point slides. Our first show is on Vitthala Darshan on Devashayani Ekadashi which is already in the form of article.  This PPT is explaining the Bhaktiyoga in simplest ever form. You will love to know Lord Vitthala.

06 July 2012

True Feelings

This week's prompt for Haiku Heights is True. Sharing some true feelings.

true sides of                                                          
love; sacrifice and
lasting trust                                              

true lines told by rain;
I am showering the love
of mother nature

words true to 
one's heart; makes the life

P. S. : Some important posts are delayed due to unexpected situations around. I am trying to back with the same zest soon...:). 

01 July 2012

Vitthala Darshana on Devshayani Ekadashi

Yesterday was the Devashayani Ekadashi and we call it the big Ekadashi. This is the day of Pandharupur Vari, Pandarpur Pilgrimage, the time to meet Vitthala. Lord Shrikrishna is known as Vitthala. He is black, and I don’t’ know what magic HE has, everybody in Maharashtra is mad today to meet HIM. The pilgrims go walking to reach Pandharpur.

I am in a small city, Maharashtra and though I can’t reach to Pandharpur, I decided to go to Vitthala temple in Dhule. I decided to wake up and reach there at 5 to 6 AM. But I couldn’t manage it, I reached in the scorching sun at almost 11 AM. Before going there, I was tensed and a big irritated due to some problems. My two wheeler also had problems. And somehow, I just went in Not – So – Devotional mood.
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