31 December 2016

Poem: Smiles Like Sunshine

To all my dear friends, readers and well wishers, everyone of you and your families and loved ones,

Smiles like bright sunshine
Hopes big like skyline
Happiness colorful like rainbows
Freedom broad like blue sky
Peace deep like blue ocean
Love like blooming flower
I wish for you and me
Today, tomorrow, 
this year and forever
Happy New Year 2017

30 December 2016

Poem: Unknown Cord

That unknown
Cord connecting us

You and Me
Is the strongest
Keeps me strong


22 December 2016

Poem: Magnificence of God

Mind dwelling on magnificence of the God 
Instead of dwelling in complexities

All adversities look tiny dust particle;

Evanescing bit by bit 
Within the effulgence of God

16 December 2016

Micropoems: Invaluable Moments

There is love
And there is you
Difficult to define 
The difference between two


Most invaluable moments of life
Those spent thinking of you
Those spent missing you

Image for poem Invaluable Moments


My mind flies
Flapping the wings of love
To reach you;
 The only way 
It knows to be with


Thoughts of you
Every day
Every hour
Every moment
My little poems


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