April Poetry Month Day 29 Poem: Confidant

It's the day 29 of the poetry month today. For today's poem, the theme is 'confidant'.

The serene lake
I reach out to find myself
in my struggle with the dark days

I reach out to you 
seeking clarity
from your calm water
transparent to its core

I reach out to you
seeking hope
from your cool water
still from its core

I reach out to you
seeking courage
from your frail droplets
living as one lake 

I reach out to you
to confide in your silent
mystical water basin

You show me the
reflection of my soul
in your pellucid water

I reinvent myself
with your ripples circling
as divine verses
with the trust poured
in your fervent words,
and soul-enriching stanzas
of tranquility and clarity,
responding to my emotions

The serene lake,
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