27 June 2016

Poem: Soothing Raindrops

After the brutal heatwave this summer, rains have brought the most awaited relief. For the past three months, it seemed like life will be burning forever in the blistering heat. But just within some hours of drizzle, the exhausting battle with the sun is ended.

Mother Nature loves her children, all of us and protects us even though we have lost all the hopes. Spending time in nature, unearth the truths of the world. These realizations grow us spiritually, which in turn make us child again; take us in the childlike mind when we didn't have any issues that come with ego and when we were happy with what we are.

I try to enjoy every raindrop in the light rain and here is a poem why I love the rain so much...

24 June 2016

Poem: Is It The Magic Called Love?

The feeling of love is so beautiful that it inspires to write a lot. Sometimes this feeling is just without any reason, not necessarily for someone. But you just feel to express it. You just want to write, talk, sing about love. I can't ever cease to write about all the shades of love. Wait, I am still discovering what love is.

Let’s splash vibrant colors of love today on the canvas of poetry,
beginning with lines I tweeted yesterday.

17 June 2016

Hymn to Parabrahm Shriram

Today's poem is a hymn to Lord Shriram and His omnipresent Parabrahma Swaroopam.

A few days back I read about Rama Teertham at Rameshwaram on Arti's famous travel blog, My Yatra Diary. 'My Yatra Diary' is one of my most favorite blogs since I joined the blogging world. Arti brings the essence of spirituality and tranquility existing in the spiritual places in her diary through her words and exceptional photography, which give an experience of virtual Yatra to the readers. The day I read the post on Rama Teertham, Places to see / Teerthas of Rameshwaram: Rama Teertham, my mind irresistibly stayed there at the teertham to experience the vibes of peace. And when it returned, it returned with a hymn. Read Arti's post first, closing all the distraction for some minutes, experience the divine calmness and then read this hymn...

10 June 2016

Poem: Still I Believe

'Still I Believe' is a Dramatic Monologue where the central character of the poem is unfolding their misery to their love who is not with them. 

Attached to your broken promises,
"Don’t cry? I'll be back soon!"
I never forget it, sadly!

Image for Poem:  Still I Believe

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