31 December 2015

Poem: Unplanned Planning

The life I envisage in the year 2016

27 December 2015

Micropoem: Numbed Brain

Numbed brain
In freezing cold
Heartbeats still write vibes
Brain needs break
Heart never finds rest 
Battle of heart and brain
Poems bless every moment with peace


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26 December 2015

Micropoems: Precious Gift of Words

Writing isn't just the art of choosing the right words at appropriate places, but also it's in recognizing the point at which and the places or people where we should not use our expressive heartfelt words at all. Some micropoems on the precious gifts of words...

Words are a precious gift
Gifting them to cold hearts
Crushing own heart
In return!


15 December 2015

Poem Residing in Your Heart

Today I was struggling  with writing a new poem and for some moments I felt, I can't write anything now. I had an empty feeling without writing. Then, my poem enlightened me to overcome the false empty feeling. Here is the secret my poem told me today...

07 December 2015

Poem: Mind Waves

A poem and artwork on the mind waves.

Image: Artwork Mind Waves

I was trying to paint the thoughts when I created this artwork. It's a finger painted, digitally created yet by finger touch. 

03 December 2015

Poem: Enliven Eyes With Hope

Yesterday I was looking at the hibiscus flower on my desk. I was surprised to see the beauty of the flower before ending the life. We love buds, we love flowers. They are beautiful while blooming. But, yesterday I realized their beauty even when they were fading in the evening. I couldn't resist to capture, the message of a fading flower for the world. 
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