27 March 2018

Narayakripa April Daily Poetry Celebration 2018 Precursor

April poetry month's approaching closer. We will celebrate poetry month this year with daily poems on Narayankripa.

I'll try to create a new poem every day on self-thought prompts and themes. My attempt, this year, will be to experiment poems on what I think I know and haven't tried yet, and also what I need to learn.

24 March 2018

Poem: Refusal

Refusal is my creation for the prompt 'herd' suggested by microprompt -- the Twitter account which suggests prompts to inspire us to create.

Living life on your own terms is not just one life-changing decision. The decision to refuse to be manipulated need to be taken at almost every step of life, if not taken you will become a part of a herd.

Manipulators are everywhere. Leaders know to manipulate us for their agenda. Leaders can be political, religious, businesspersons. At an individual level or mass level. Your identity is manipulated. You don't have to fight with the world to stop your manipulation, but you need a firm 'no'. And it's the toughest to take a stand.

Here's the poem 'Refusal'

Refused to be part of a herd
Only to realize
I'm in a bigger herd!

08 March 2018

O Woman, I Salute You

Dear Woman,

I salute you. I salute you for being a woman. I wish you a very happy women's day.
Let me ask you a question, before you perhaps think to celebrate women's day, what is a happy day for you?

Think for a while...
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