27 May 2016

Poem: Mighty Wildflower

Today's poem is inspired by the picture prompt of a wildflower. I feel enamored by wildflowers; they are very inspiring. 

Image for poem: Mighty Wildflower

While writing this poem, I realized, this delicate looking flower is actually a mighty wildflower, how? 

21 May 2016

Poem: Love is Freedom

I can't live without loving you,
But, I can't live without my freedom also.
When your love became a cage, tying my wings

16 May 2016

Poem: The Life You Can Give Us

The Heatwave has returned again today. The temperature is a record high and drought condition in various parts of India has been worsened, this summer. Every one of us is eagerly waiting for the arrival of the monsoon. In today's poem, I have tried to share our problems and disturbed lives, in this summer, with Mother Nature.  You'll also resonate with the feelings expressed in this poem. 

08 May 2016

Mother's Day Poem: Love You Aai

For mother's day today, I thought to create a gift for my mother instead of buying.

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